YIKES! It's been years since i've blogged! Thank you instagram! But where else can I go to post a billion pictures of a trailer redo??? Definitely not insta!  Ever since starting Remie Co. every ounce of my time energy and creative juice has been sucked into running it and ALL other projects have been pu on hold. Nothing like a camping trip to Mexico to kick that into gear!

We picked this trailer up from a guy in our town on a trade of a pistol....
We had been wanting to find a vintage trailer and this seemed like a great starter. We took a quick glance happily handed over the pistol, got her home figured we would slap some paint on her, redo some upholstery and be ready for our trip in less then 5 weeks.... that was not the case.

This was 100% a "frame off" fixer upper! For those who plan to redo a trailer be sure to do your homework and research and look "underneath" before you invest money and more importantly the most valuable thing of all... TIME!!!

Super long story short we would NEVER do it again/ Do it again all over!

The week of our trip Will and I slept 2-3 short hours a night. After tucking the kids in and heading out the the side yard to listen to music while painting, tiling etc etc. Too many weekends and date nights to count spent working on this baby.... some of my fav dates to date. Working side by side  with my best friend is priceless, well not really it was kinda pricey but you get the point.

So after spending countless hours and $$$ that probably equivalent to a fabulous tropical week long vacation we were ready to camp!  Three days deep into our favorite spring break getaway with family  the flu struck the majority of us and the rest is kinda history but heh its all about the memories right?!

First purchased in Tucson
always lived in AZ
1976 Rancho El Rae
14ft Tin Can Camper
(This was not a vintage restoration)


Lucky us the pillows came with! ;)

We did not include the original icebox because it was Huuuuuuge!

Demo phase

Yes that is rot. 

Oh hey alignment issues. 

Thank heavens for helpful fam!

Propped up with toothpicks.

Date nights!

For a 6'4" dude thats a pretty big queen sized bed!

No one tells you the original window is crooked and that sucks when placing tile.....
Testing things out!


A couple plants, little bit of copper and Voila home sweet trailer! 
Did I mention I prefer the trailer over my house???

ginger snaps, yum.

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