Chelsie's Shower

We had a great time @ Sweet Cakes for chelsie's wedding shower! Since her wedding theme is breakfast @ tiffany's / audry hepburn inspired we had a breakfast shower! The brides maids all got tiffany bracelets for the wedding! soooo cute! i love mine!



yes that is a real saw! we go to the shill's on sunday and oscar tells me to come out front to see him cut wood! he let's the tail gate down, props up his board and goes at it like a crazy person! He's 5! i swear i was going to witness a thumb amputation that day! (don't worry he had parental supervision...most of the time!.... oscar's comb over is not my doing.....and check out the tongue action "willie jr." )
has anyone seen this before??? it's a traveling bedroom from IKEA!!! seriously look in there it's an entire room! that's a lot of work for a little advertisement!
k we all have put our feet up while in the car.... AS A PASSENGER! this girl is driving with her window down (it's 115 degrees outside) and has her left foot out the window... while driving! seriously that can not be safe!


It's here!

i've revised this post, i guess i was confusing some......it is a necklace but with our initials not LOVE, however that is cute as well! (i can't take a picture b/c i'm not allowed to have it yet)

I saw a small little package in the mail today from beverly hills...... unfortunately I think will is going to make me wait for our anniversary next month!


redneck weekend!!

we spent the weekend in payson and willie got in touch with his redneck side! we had a good time and the weather was much nicer then the valley!


cruisin' time

so this is my new beach cruiser!!! it should be arriving any day now! When i told Will that i wanted one he could not stop laughing and said do you even know how to ride a bike??? Of course i do...and i will!


perfection again!

Not to brag or anything but once again i have checked out with NO cavities! unlike many I love the dentist! Having never experienced a cavity i always find the dentist to be very enjoyable and love my pearly whites after my cleaning! (oh yeah.... willie didn't have any cavities THIS TIME either)!!!

trip to mexico

view from the condo

habenero eating contest

the point
beach dogs
too tired

we took a quick trip with the family to the condo in mexico, it was veeerrryyy humid but nice to get away! we love mexico! it was the first time the dogs went to the beach and they loved it too!