ok so i know we were supposed to wait and tell the parents after christmas but willie couldn't keep it in! and since we will be seeing several of you tonight @ grandma prince's i thought i would post it.....were having a BOY! I debated wether i should expose my little fetus but these are the pics I have and i think the top one explains everything! (top left hand corner) He was on his belly when we first started the ultrasound he had his little hands up by his ears and the doctor said it's a little BUFFALO!!! ummmmm..... the fact that willie was an 11lb baby probably means the doc wasn't to far off!!!!! all his measurments were normal and his brain and organs are healthy, he was so sweet and moving all around and again this was the coolest thing in my life to date! willie could not stop grinning the whole day and of course had to call all of his guy friends and brag! ( like he had any choice in the matter) We are planning on naming him Vance after my grandpa and middle name Eldon just like Willie and his dad boyd and so on...We are so excited!!!!


We've moved in/ Baby Shill

so we've moved in and completed (almost) our remodeling!!! it's taken way to long! this week is crazy and so will next but i plan to post again with before and after pics of the house and ultrasound of the baby! today we go in to find out if it's a boy or girl!

what's been goin on....

my lovely christmas pedicure...i traded services w/ a girl @ work!

temple lights w/ chels and nyles.....uhh where's the flash?

gingerbread houses w/ the williams and shills, uhhh SOME PEOPLE's are naughty!

notice the gold chain around willie's neck? that is actually a belly chain the was won during a white elephant. Don't get me started on the beard!!!

our tree out front is losing decorated my new tree
all it's leaves



ok either there was nothing on t.v. tues night or I was actually genuinly enjoying the republican debate on C-SPAN2!?!?!? Willie makes fun of me all the time but for some reason i'm drawn to politics... I catch myself listening to KTAR in the car all the time! Some days i'll come home and go on and on to Will about an issue that was discussed and he will just look at me and say ok ok settle down! He has even gone as far as calling me JANENE! (for all the fam, to me that is a compliment)! I swear sometimes I am the oldest most boring 24 year old ever! The "faith in america" adress from mitt romney is fantastic....It's 20 min. but if you have time it's worth a listen.



14 week pregnant belly pics......

So here you go Ellen! no, i've been meaning to post some pics but every time I think about it Will is never around to take them of me and my 10 sec delay on my camera is all messed up so i figured I will just have to take them myself! I love seeing all you preg girls pics through the months too it is fun to see how everyone carrys...um apparently i carry high..... when i see these pics it feels like my baby is up at my ribs! my mom said she was always very obviously pregnant by 4 months because of her short waist and looks as though like mother like daughter! oh boy and this only 4 months! If you are preg and want to check out or "compare" your belly to others I found a cool website that shows tons of pics of girls bellies at every week.... be warned some are not pretty!!! here it is.... http://www.amazingpregnancy-pictures.com/photopost/index.php/cat/501


This is my mom's tree, i had to take a pic b/c I always love seeing it up and how whymsical it feels! It makes christmas come to life in their house! If any one knows my dad they know he's a sucker for christmas...in former houses he's put giant blow up santa's, christmas villages etc., lately my mom has tamed him to just the inside decor! But this is my favorite tree of all! I can't wait till grandkids start to come and try to eat the fake candy ornaments!

miss the smell of a real tree???

If you miss the smell of a real tree b/c you have an artificial, William Sonoma has a good alternative!


chelsie's wedding

this is a little late but here are some pics of my sis's wedding. Congratulations chels & Nyles