cookies for santa & getting ready for bed.

getting these two monkeys to bed with out daddy home was not easy! 

Santa came to our house!


Really wish Willie could have spent longer then a few hours with us this Christmas. 
Although we had a wonderful little christmas at home with just us and it was so nice to relax!

Marshmallow guns from Grandma D!

Cabin Life

Cousin Exchange

light parade 

daddy's little helper

I got a cheap nativity in an effort to teach the boys about Christmas. 
It did not go as reverently as I hoped. 
the hokyiest walmart santa ever!

cecil showed up just in time to help with the bunk beds! 

getting in the holiday spirit

First week working nights.... not fun!

I was the mom who thought I could keep my 18 month old from touching the shiny red ornaments.
 I've come to my senses! 

hike to the waterfall 

first letter to santa!

our beautiful temple

12:12 p.m. on 12/12/12 the last repetitive date EVER

memories of childhood christmas'

chalk board art 

Mt. Graham

snow day!

Mom's Fudge!