So much was happening in May this year. 
Tee ball, Mothers Day, Graduation, Wilie's, Hoyts and My Birthday... AND a trip to California! 
We have been busy. 

Starting in April I have been experiencing some health trouble, rapid heart beat, tingling, pain, dizziness and near fainting. I been to the ER twice, blood work and physicals. Everything was normal except my thyroid levels were out of balance. After trying 3 different dosages my symptoms have started to fade. THANKFULLY! Mom was nice enough to come and stay for a little while and I was so glad! 

Vance caught his very first fish with Willie 
 summer hair cuts

 We've been making a point to get out and see our town and the surrounding areas. We headed up towards Morenci and Clifton and stopped to see the big trucks, big trains, bridges and big horns!

 I've been taking the kids to the public pool for their free lunch and swimming. First day and Vance and Alyx worked their way out to the deep end pulling and holding on to one another nearly drowning the two! 


My birthday stretched the entire month and I can't say I was sad about it:)

 My friends and family really know how to make me feel special! 

Went out to have a fun birthday evening and the restaurant we planned to eat at was out of business the movie we were in the middle of went dark so we got free passes and on the way to pick up our kids witness a 4 car accident. 
Vance bought me a cake from bashas with his own money! 

Sevey's helped me celebrate while we were all in California as well!


Vacation, food and fun OVERLOAD! 
Finally we were able to get away this year and do a family trip. 
Mom and Dad made it possible for us to all go stay at a condo in Dana Point. The minute we got there the activities and delicious food didn't stop until we the minute we left. Thank You mom and dad!!!

Family Tradition. Of course our first stop!

Olvera Street, another Davenport Family Tradition. 
The taquitos and verde quacamole were to die for. 
and then there were the cream cheese churros....
Labrea Tar Pits  and downtown L.A.
These boys may have never got sick of the sand and the beach! 
         Farrells to celebrate Vance, Chelsie and my birthday! 
silly kids, and fighting brothers

long beach aquarium 

We snuck away for one night to grab some sushi... sushi is so good in california!

HOT day at the the Zoo. We saw lots of crazy animals like the ones in these pictures! 

Vance insisted on being our guide. Never mind the fact he can't read yet. 
We had to give the famous Pinks a try. Those were some good hotdogs but maybe not worth waiting in line for 40 minutes. 

We walked down to dana point pier and had the best fish and chip and shrimp EVER! 

Why do we not live in California again? 
The kids could have beached for days! We were sad to go! 


Tee ball made our summer! 
Vance's first experience with tee ball was nothing less then entertaining.
The classic running to 3rd instead of first, running the bases when playing the field, crying because the ball didn't come to him, picking dandelions in the field, laying down in the outfield and throwing the bat into the coach's shin. Then there are the treats, what makes going to tee ball all worth it! 
By the end of the season he was grasping the concept and getting nice straight smacks into the outfield. This is only the beginning I am sure! Can't wait!


Vance's preschool graduation was classic. 
All the cute songs and hand gestures we could handle!
Proud of our little guy.