Sunday we went to great grandma & grandpa shill's. Here a all of Vance's second cousins and cousin born this year! so cute! hannah & avree / heather,joey & ryan/ beth & nora / camie & vance / holly & lydia


A Move. A Shower. & A Baby Blessing

Talk about a busy week! Life never ceases to amaze me! We have really been thrown some loops lately...and thank goodness because wouldn't life be boring with out all these little adventures! We have moved but only about 5 miles, still moving is always a major task, thank you everyone who helped it has been much appreciated! we are happy to be where we are and hope to stay put for at LEAST a year!Chelsie had her shower and it made me want a little girl next! Mom did a "Sugar and Spice" theme and it turned out so cute!

Me, Brooklyn & Chelsie (our last pic one of us was a lot more preg, and now 2 are on the home stretch)!!

Lastly our little guy was blessed! Willie gave him an awesome blessing it was so sweet. Yes that is us holding our sweet little boy in a DRESS! This blessing dress is 5 generations. I was blessed in, my mom was blessed in, my grandpa (who Vance is named after) and so on along with nearly every other family member boy or girl from then to now, so no I was not going to be the one to break tradition! Willie wouldn't talk to me for a day but it was worth it!!!

This is just a randow pic but we tried him in his bumbo (yes he is to small for it put it was just for a min.) and he looked like a big boy siting in a recliner watching the olympics so willie put the remote next to him!


08.04.08 THIS WEEK

Well I'm back to work for a couple days a week now, it was really hard to leave Vance with my mom but it felt good to be out of the house and doing hair also! I'm happy with the few hours that i'm working each week and that I have PLENTY of time with my little guy!

For family night we all went out to 4 peaks and had a nice little picnic and the boys shot clay pigeons. !All the cactus had their prickly pears on and they were really beautiful! Always a good time!

ALSO I colored my hair so i could go back to work looking half presentable after my maternity leave... the days of not washing my hair and pulling it into a pony tail are over so my 2 1/2 in. regrowth had to go!

YAY for the olympics! We've been attempting to watch everything, but most excitingly the basketball, gymnastics & swimming!



Vance had his first swim this week.. it didn't last long (don't worry chris he was in the sun only long enough to take this picture!) but he love loved the water!
"I wanna be a cow-boy ba-by" these are Willie's baby boots!


BIG BEAR CALIFORNIA: fishing, marathon, bowling

Vance and I had so much fun in Big Bear with everyone, we spent our week fishing, going to the lake, watching Candon's marathon, bowling, going to the movies and best of all relaxing! We wish Willie could have come but we had a good time! The weather was in the 70's the whole time and the pine trees were fantastic! Sorry for all the photo's!

6 weeks and already such a big boy!
The fishing was fun...however no luck for any of us!

Little did I know Big Black stole his logo from the "Bowling Barn"!
Strike maybe???? Don't worry I beat everyone with a score of 180...not saying much for the others!
It was such a fun day at Camp Pendelton, it even rained a little
Candon came in 3rd in his age group


Uncle Chase

Talkin' with Daddy!

Do I look like my mom?

We went to church there and their building was amazing

my sweet little boy


We had such a fun time in Big Bear with my fam, and the weather was amazing

Here is our condo we stayed at

The lake was so pretty this was an island of rocks in the middle

This was a pirate ship that was sailing one of the days!

There were cute little cottages all along the lake