This was our family's last ditch effort to get every family member in one place at one time and willing to be photographed before Chase leaves on monday to New Zealand. Sooo....with my camera a tripod and 2 fidgety babies we made our best effort! Take a good look chase I'm sure there will be new family members by the time you get back! Family's are forever...I'm so glad to have mine! 



My dad warned me that Vance would hate this when he's older but seriously naked baby's are so so cute and he's our New Years Baby soooo.......Happy New Year! During our photo shoot he had a little accident so we had to rinse him in the hose and that is actually my favorite pic even though it shows of all his 
rolls! Also he was born with a birth mark on his bum (I think it looks like a little kiss)! I wanted to get a pic before he got to old and it was embarrassing! 

So this is CHRISTMAS....another YEAR over...

This is one of a few gingerbread houses  Willie and I made this year and all was equally fun especially the competition! We had an amazing Christmas and New Year spent at home and with family. I don't think he understood but Vance loved all the tinsel, wrapping, bows and toys! Every new years morning the "New Years Baby" comes and deliver gifts in our shoes. Willie and I continued the tradition this year now that we have Vance. Christmas day while traveling to payson in the pouring rain Will, Chase, Vance and I  hydroplaned in our car and swivled back and forth in both lanes for what seemed like forever skid to towards the desert landscaped median and nearly rolled our car! It was one of those life flash before you eyes moments and we were all breathless for a moment....Luckily we came away safe and sound and our car in one peice! Other then that our holidays were fantastic and can't wait till next year when Vance can really get into it!