loves when dad takes him to school 

mmmm boogers!

rainy day pizza pic nic

needs a haircut! 

smashing pumpkins!

embarrassed about his turkey hat 

playing trucks is so exhausting! 

fall drive 

one of many trips to Mesa this month

backyard camp out!!!

Christmas window shopping

Beautiful Mom! 

got the boys a nativity set to teach them about Christmas. It didn't go as reverently as I had hoped! 

trip to mesa! 

Happy Birthday Wema!

Home made bread 



Fry Mesa and the Harvest moon 

Halloween gifts from DeeDee 

Working on his motor skills

A pudding Clown

Learned to read!!! He was working on it this week and now he can! 

They love bedtime stories with daddy

"Mom, I was soooo good!"

watching avengers and wearing last years halloween costumes 

"the beibs"

night ride in the ranger. never mind the lion.....
hunting buddies 





flashy the fair fish

"Christmas Trees! Reindeer! Snowmen! Santa! Christmas decorations.... CHRISTMAS IS HERE!! Yes! Yes! YES!!!

got out and ran 3/4 of a mile of the walk tonight... in his p.j.'s 

attempt #2 of walking our baby. Leash is required. A seat belted stroller can not contain him. 

There are no words. He is just so weird. Walked out to dump the garbage and he was just standing there. If I were my neighbors I would be suspicious of me. 

He could play in the dirt all day. 

For the times I need to be reminded of their sweetness. Often times I do. 

the reason I blog 

Fire Department Field Trip
Way to go purple Monsters! They won their last game! 

Welcome to the world Andrew Nyles Zeigler! 

visiting the hunters