I have a habit of responding to Vance by saying "ok baby." 
He insists that he is not my "baby"!
"I'm a big boy!"
It's true he isn't, but I know he will always be. 

My little buckeroo has taken a backseat to his baby brother lately. 
Babies are so sweet and everything they do is infectious!  In contrast 3 year olds can be little stinks!!!
He is fiesty, he does NOT listen and he drives me up the wall on a daily basis.... 
But man I love this boy! 
My little helper all day and my partner in crime. 
I thank heaven everyday for his company and friendship!

It's been months and months since he would allow me to
 photograph him long enough to get him looking. 
So many faces and attitudes! 
Love that crooked smile and those sweet sweet eyes. 


Walking, running, eating
Throwing fits, wrestling
Screamer, napper, climber
Charmer, hugs, cuddles
6 teeth

New tricks this month are shaking his finger at ME when I tell him "NO, NO!'
Climbing on and off the couch by himself. 
He loves to carry around Vance's tee ball bat and be pushed high on his new swing.   

Chris Farley lookalike! 


I've had this trunk laying around for a couple of years not exactly sure what to use it for. Jamie at iheartnaptime posted about using a trunk as a coffee table and I knew that was it! I found an awesome tutorial on pinterest from pbjstories and went for it! It was the perfect solution to my small living room and my old trunk! I love it:)


We love when Daddy has a day off!


I've been really struggling to keep to a schedule these days. 
The week feels so chaotic lately.
In an effort to get organized, stay on task and keep from getting distracted I searched Pinterest for some organization charts. None fit our schedule exactly so I took from the ones I liked and made my own. Vance has really responded to the fun of marking off his charts. Yes, sadly I DO need to be reminded to drink water, be grateful and say prayers... I'm trying!!!