Cooled off and spent Willie's day off at Roper Lake with the boys


I've been debating if I should take Vance to preschool yet but haven't found one that I really like. I decided to just work with him at home. Right now he knows his letters, numbers, shapes and colors.  He can read a handful of words and recognizes his name as well as several family members. We practice songs, prayers, cutting, gluing, painting and coloring. He loves running in his room and putting on his backpack and asks if he can ride the bus. I know preschool would be great,  but it can wait right???... I mean he's only my baby for a little while! 


The Shills came to town. Hallie stayed at our house and was a huge help! Boys did... shooting guns, tuning bows and hanging out at the shop. Girls did... pedicures, shopping, boutiques and babies. We had lots of fun guys, come again soon!


I realize I've gone overboard photographing this little guy but I really just can't help it. He is so pleasant, so content. He makes eye contact and a smile forms on his face and yours and he's got ya! The majority of the his dark hair has grown out and been trimmed off and now is a light brown/dark blonde. When layed on his tummy in his boppy on the floor he pushes him self up and over and rolls out. When we lay him down he pushes his arms back and attempts to sit up... we have to prop him so he can see what there is to see! 


A few new additions since 2009 2010. We always love camping with this group! They came to us this time and we all went camping on Mt. Graham at Snow Flat. Gorgeous weather, rain, campfire stories, smores, good food and cute kids.... great weekend!