I have a couple of requests and wondering if anyone out there has tips, or suggestions......

I've spent hours searching maternity clothing sites, nursery sites, etc. etc. in the months to come i'm gonna be wanting some decent jeans that are "comfy" I love everything from "A pea in the pod" but wondering if there is other less expensive options out there other then the typical gap, motherhood etc.
Secondly i'm looking for black Nursery crib/furniture (similar to the pic). If anyone has cute nursery furniture that there looking to sale LET ME KNOW! thanks


10 Weeks!

Well it's not much but here is baby shill's first picture! this is a profile the head is on the right, legs on the left, if you look closely you can see a small hand up by the face as if it were sucking it's thumb. The moving ultrasound was so fun b/c we could see it moving all around and the little heart going a hundred! it is now 11 weeks old and the size of a fig! i'm still sick as ever and have a really rough time brushing my teeth, i generally throw up directly following....this has been no fun @ all but seeing this little picture and hearing the heart beat made it all worth it! Willie came with and was loving every minute! sometimes i catch him looking up baby stuff on the internet...he is so excited!