Can I even say how long it has been since I've actually made my bed? 1/2 a year sounds about right. My housekeeping skills have been, well... lacking during this pregnancy. Plagued by never ending nausea, the Flu and 2 colds back to back I've been a little off my game. As someone who thrives in a cleanly environment this has been difficult.  I started to wonder will I ever get back in the zone again? How do I get back on a schedule and routine like I once had? How do I get my life & home back in order? The typical depression and feelings of being overwhelmed had definitely begun to take over, however the will to do anything about it was nonexistent. Last week Willie and I spent a solid day cleaning and organizing & finally the motivation kicked in & got the ball rolling.  I made the bed, opened the blinds, sat back & admired the clean house and thought, "yep, I think I've got my "groove" back." Granted in several weeks I'll be down again from the c-section & a newborn but until then I'll enjoy this!

Vance giving me the stink eye for telling him to stay off the bed.

 Vance not listening, and me not caring since  he was allowing 
me to photograph him and his fresh buzzed hair cut :)



Every year when Valentines rolled around I was always between any valentine worthy relationships & couldn't help but despise it just a little... Until I met Willie! Mine for Nine and still love him!

Vance has been obsessed with birthdays and birthday cake lately. Every time he sees anything that resembles a birthday cake he says, "happy day" instead of "happy birthday".  So cousin Bryce's birthday party was the highlight of his week! Sorry Bryce I'm sure you would have liked to blow out ALL your candles! Not to mention he LOVED his train ride and yes Mom, Chels, Alyx, Vance & I all took a spin around the park. 


My calendar says I have nothing to do today! 
Although I could probably think of a hundred things I should be doing... What does this mean?
 It means I have not appointments, not obligations, not commitments to anyone or anything.
Nice. Except now, what do to with a "nothing" day. 
Well for starters I'm sitting here blogging about nothing and wasting the morning away. 
Oh well! Maybe a day with Vance? Maybe clean the house top to bottom like I've been wishing I could? I think I'll go take a shower and whatever comes to mind I'll go with that. 


I decided to do vintage Valentines this year and thought these were sooooo cute!
They reminded me of the old Valentines sitting in my keepsakes from my grandparents when I was little. 

Hope everyone has a Lovely month!