We had our apt. yesterday and the baby is perfect and in the right position. He's a few oz. shy of 8lbs but i havn't progressed @ all :( The dr. said at this point it's an issue of allowing my cervix to soften and not lettting him get too big. He wants me to go another week on my own and if nothing then he'll schedule my induction. I'm really bummed b/c at this point i almost have to wait b/c my dr. will be out of town this weekend as will my mom and dad so I don't want him to come yet which means one more week....we'll see if he cooperates! I was hoping he would be born before my Birthday friday since Willie and I are both in may but this baby has a mind of his own! It's at least relief to know he is healthy and the dr. promised me only one more week!!



My lil' brother Chase graduated highschool this last Thur. Congratulations Chase we're so proud of you! We also enjoyed the 42 degree weather in payson for a change!



First of all no form of labor is "false" the pain is VERY real!... so i'll just refer to it as "pre labor" and if one more person tells me it's just Braxton Hicks I'll scream! In all my research and conversation with clients and hearing everyone's pregnancy and birth stories this time of limbo between false and real labor was never explained to me and it kinda blind sided me this last 5 days. Starting this last thur. I developed a high fever i was having hot and cold chills and achey all over, shivering and wanting to bundle up (yes even with the heat) and then sweating sooo bad and wanting a cold shower! I started contracting in 5 min. intervals that eventually by sunday developed into contractions every 2 or 3 min. for 60-75 sec. The doctor on call suggested that i take tylenol to get to the fever to come down and let them know if anything came up. I wasn't exactly looking for the "take 2 tylenol and call me in the morning" answer but the tylenol did work and eventually my fever came down, however i continued contracting regularly through mon. until my apt mon. At my apt. my doctor told me i hadn't softened @ all!!!! i told him... but i haven't slept for 3 days! he sympathyzed with my pain (as much as he could) told me i'm experiencing pre labor and the contractions were most likely brought on from the high fever, and that b/c i'm just 38 weeks and this is my first pregnancy he would prefer not to induce me to prevent other complications and cause a long labor for me and then suggested tylenol p.m. to sleep!!! Let me just tell you i had the car seat and our bags in the car hoping he would send us straight over to the hospital! I could not have been more wrong... or dissapointed or frustrated...or sore! So still in lots of pain, exhausted as ever i popped 2 tylenol p.m. last night hit the bed and only woke up twice last night and slept in all morning! This morning no more regular contractions a few "braxton hicks" this morning but NOTHING compared to the last weekend! just feeling sooo sad i don't have a baby yet!!! I'm just relieved to have the contractions settled especially if I may go 2 more weeks! So with no more work I guess i'll just go get a pedicure, clean my house for the hundredth time, and watch all the shows I have on the dvr and just WAIT! Hopefully i'll have good news to report sooner then later!
here i am @ 38 weeks or so and still VERY pregnant!!!



Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's! Willie & I are sooo blessed to have 2 amazing mothers in our lives as well as the sweetest grandmothers ever! we love you all!


So this year Willie's b day happen to fall on mothers day also Zac called from Mexico to talk to the whole fam and i'm about to burst and wasn't able to plan much for him! He got a little forgotten this year but we did manage to have a yummy dinner with the shill's @ Famous Daves, and a fun sunday of mothersday/birthday @ the shill's and sevey's. Here are some pics of his quick b day and basketball. He got lots of money and gift cards to Bass Pro & I made him a shadow box of all his mountain view state champ stuff (he saw some of his buddies had one and wanted one as well!)



Thank you everyone for such a wonderful shower! Me & baby Vance feel soooo loved! Thanks mom and Brooklyn for throwing and great shower and for everyone who helped with the yummy breakfast! .....Chris & Janene for the famous sweet rolls! I loved seeing all you girls that i haven't seen for a while and all the ones i see all the time! thanks again! Hopefully now i'm all ready for the little guy to come! (by the way i hesitated posting any pics that included me... due to looking like a BARN but i figured i wouldn't trade it for anything so oh well!)

all the shill girls! hannah, hallie, avree, meme and my sis chels (21 weeks)me (36 weeks), brooklyn(18 weeks), gina(14 weeks)