"The Lord Jesus Christ is the head of this Church. He is its living head. The mission of the president of the Church, my cheif responsibility, my greatest honor comes in bearing solemn testimony of His living reality."Gordon B. Hinckley


rollie pollie!

this morning i was laying in bed and feeling around on my stomach i could feel him moving around inside so i tried to put my hands over him to feel after a few seconds all the sudden my hand popped up! i could feel him rolling inside and out! it made me laugh out loud and he continued to do it for about 5 min. i know all of you who have had babies say how great it is but you really can't know till you feel it yourself! you definatley start to feel a little bond w/ him!


baby, baby!

We had our dr. apt yesterday and all is well! everything measured great and he was impressed I didn't gain any weight over the holidays..... of course i didn't i had been throwing up everything right up til New Years! Also the baby's heart beat was strong as ever! i've been feeling twitchings for about a week now and lately everytime i eat he goes crazy! we had a birthday party for my bro in law nyles this weekend and apparently the baby looooves birthday cake, he was going nuts! In other news my sis chelsie just announced that they are pregnant as well about 6-8 weeks! so Vance will be getting a little cousin to play with!


HALF WAY THERE! 20 weeks!

yay I'm half way there! 5 months! and i feel like in the last couple it has popped out so much! can't imagine what 9 months will look like but guess there's no reversing it now!


Christmas Eve Belly 18 weeks

i know this is past due but i want to keep up on my "belly pics" if i'm gonna turn my blog into a "blog book"! (go to ..... http://www.blurb.com/) next sunday i'll be 5 months and have new belly pics to post and these last couple weeks i've gotten bigger



got this for christmas and.....oh my! no more tossing and turning for this preg girl! it's like sleeping in an adult cradle! Will tried it out the other day and is ready to order one for himself!