loves the mud!

getting used to public restrooms... and shutting the door behind him!

School work                               wild thing with alyx
home made icecream                             sick sick sick!
decorative antlers compliments of willie             Vance got to take home Boo Boo Bunney
such a stinker! walking and getting into everything!!!

quick Mesa trip:) yummy Jimmy Johns with mom and dad.

She makes the best crepes with buttermilk! 
I spy some leprechauns! 
Curly Sue! If I never get a girl my consolation prize will be Hoyt's hair! 

date night with my love at copper steer steakhouse

enjoying the sunshine before the snow!!!

Mom & Dad's quick trip here. Crafts and Loves

Snow Day!!! So Fun! 

Releasing the boys fishing worms back to the wild 

Wrestle Mania
 Lets go fly a kite!

 Petting Zoo


Special boys, special day. Father and Son.


Such a character!!!
He is standing up on his own and walking from person to person, 
couch to chair or whatever else motivates him. He has 6 teeth and USES them. 
Poor Vance has been the victim of his attacks many times. 
Says, "Daaahd", "Maam", "Ba" (bottle) and "ooooooh" 
Looves when his brother wrestles him and blows raspberries on his chubby tummy!
 Loves takes advantage of free reign of the toys when Vance is at school.
 Eating literally anything that is put in his mouth he is not picky! 

Vance: 3yrs 9mos

My sweet sweet boy! A little lover and helper. 
Always helping me with Hoyt and reprimands him for breaking the rules!
Loves playing outside in the mud with his cars, jumping on his tramp, 
riding his bike, watching Caillou/DragonTales/Thomas. 
Likes to tell Willie which way to drive in the car and wether to turn left, 
right or straight, turns out he is usually right!
 Loves Preschool, but came home with a red card for calling other kids "butthead".... 
Willie and I could not help but laugh. That same day DeeDee came to visit and asked him to tell her about school and he said, "I can't.... It's a secret." (Now we know why!) Although there are some choice words used in our home this has NEVER been one of them. In fact I have never heard him use it. We had to tell him calling your classmates "butthead" will not make you friends! 

Some cute sayings lately: 
While brushing my hair, "mom, your hair smells so alicious!"

Me: "Vance don't pick your nose!" Vance: "yea because buggers have germs!"(pronounced guhrms)

Me: "Vance don't do that!!!" Vance: "uuuuuggghhh FINE!"

When he goes to Primary he always hugs his teacher and says, "I'm Home!"

"Look mom a present!!", after opening the door and receiving a package
 from the mailman while I was in the shower!

"Dad you have BIIIIG underwears huh?!"

Sucking a ketchup packet dry, Me: "Vance that is gross!" Vance: "These are not for drinking Mom???"


Trip to Mesa and hit all of our favorite spots!

Got my hair done by the lovely Kim Willis, so happy to have blonde back in my life! 

my sweet husband surprised me with these little charms of the boys initials. He had a local artist who makes custom knives for the store make them, so sweet!

Vance buddied up to this stranger his new friend at Copper Steer Steakhouse

Loves his carrier... enough to prefer sleeping in it!

First day of preschool with Miss Chantatel (Chantel). He loves school, I asked him who his friends were and he said, "my kids"! 

organizer for the boys room 


Play hard, crash hard!

Thanks Brother! 

Curiuos George

Memory/ preschool

"I'm handsome and I know it!"


Loooooong bumpy Sunday drive to Fry Mesa

Lots of snow Valentines night

mini sewing machine from Christmas white elephant prize/ need to finish these books!     


#febphotoaday = a picture a day in February!

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10am: church                                            Dinner

Button: He pushes my buttons!               Sun: no sun for us this day

Front Door                                            Self Portrait

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                           Hoyt First steps 9months2days!!!                                 

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