Great Mother's Day Gift!

My mom's temple bags have really taken off THANK YOU to all of you who have spread the word!!! She has taken several orders for mother's day and still has time for a few more!! If you're interested see the link to the side of my blog. THX!


10 months

In to everything, climbing up the stairs and down and singing e-i-e-i-o from old mcdonald, waving goodbye and standing on his tip toes....that is Vance this month!



Hey just so ya know..... if you go to the Filibertos on Main you can get a free beef taco! There is a sign with a number to text and they send you instantly a coupon for a free taco that you can get when you get to the window


ding dong the bells are gonna ring!

We celebrated Melissa & Dallin's wedding this weekend! Thur. 20 or so  friends and family of lissa's went to Cheesecake Factory and Fri. we spent the majority of the day in the temple for melissa's endowment then sealing. It was a lovely day filled with the spirit and family. Sat. night they celebrated at stonebridge manner and had a great reception. It's not every day you have your husbands cousin marry your cousin! Congrats love ya guys!



Vance LOVES all of his girl cousins! Love you Avree, Alyx & Nixyn!!!

Last year I made "Tie -died" eggs by boiling eggs wrapped in silk ties,
this year I didn't search much for silk ties at the thrift stores but had
a few around the house they turned out ok but it is a really fun easter
craft none the less! Melleny, Dallin & Denise all helped make eggs this year... I have to
admit we all got into our creative modes this year...aprons and all! grandma Karen made the cutest easter cookies...my favorite was this little lamb! grandma D had some beautiful flowers in bloom when we visited payson

OUCH!!! (CAUTION - not for weak stomachs!)

Willie has had an ingrown toenail for months and has getting worse with playing basketball etc. I finally talked him into going up to payson to have Uncle Ivan "operate" on it.... the gross part is that stick is about an inch longer then what you see and has a q-tipped end! However the toe is much better after the 1/4in. toenail he removed from under willie's skin! Thanks Ivan we really appreciate it!!!


"I feel ridiculous"

Tues I took Hallie and Oscar for a photo shoot so I could practice using my camera a bit.....I think Oscar must have thought we were going to an amusement park! After 3 pictures he said "this is boring!" "can we leave?" and when I asked hime to pose he said "I feel rediculous!"!! Hallie was a dream and is a little mini model! Thanks guys for being such great subjects!


ball game

We had a fun time and Ocar's ball game yesterday! My mom keeps saying how Vance makes faces that look just like Aunt Hallie.... I think the bottom picture proves that! Way to go Oscar...good game good game!


Conference Weekend

What a wonderful Conference! As always Conference was wonderful, uplifting and enriching! We also had a delicious conference breakfast with my fam and later spent the evening with the shills. Mom and dad also brought home our favorite Titos Burritos from their trip to Cali....it was a calorie loaded day but DElish none the less.

Trip with Grandparents

I had to work this weekend and my babysitter (my mom) had to go to California to watch Candon in his IronMan race sooooo he got to go along! He was spoiled rotten the whole time since he had DeeDee and Grandma D to play with. Thanks mom for taking these cute pics of him!