We just got back from Mexico and we had such a good time! I dropped the ball on picture taking but got a few of the beach and golfing. The weather was amazing and it was so relaxing! It made it hard to want to come back!


Bunco Prize!

Here's what I won @ last weeks Bunco! Sooooo cute! Thanks Lauren I love them!


Here are some pics of Vance's nursery! It still needs some finishing touches and my rocker/chair is a gift so that will come later as well as all the little finishing touches! I have to thank my mom! She had been in New Zealand and her time clock was all off so she stayed up till 3 am. to finish sewing the bedding as well as helping me shop, paint and put it all together!


Almost 7 months...

28 weeks

27 weeks

26 weeks


what do you think???

So I've been spending TONS of time researching everything baby and it is soooo confusing! I'm not sure if I even need the item and if so what one is the best price,how safe,looks the best etc. So, here are some items that i'm still up in the air about, let me know if you have any suggestions on if they are worth purchasing. Also let me know of any item that was a must have.

Everyone is saying get the video monitor, my concern is i'll be watching it all day instead of doing anything else! video or no video and what one doesn't have a lot of static or will be picked up my my neighbors reception?

Willie really wants him to sleep in our bed the first couple of months, i know there are pros and cons, has anyone tried this?

how often will i use this? do the cheap ones do the trick?

I see that everyone has a Bumbo! they look great, I tried registering for one and they are totally out. If anyone has one they want to sell let me know!

Will he use this? How often?
if so is the cheap one just as good?