Busy busy week!
 SOOO many birthdays in September. We went to Payson to celebrate with lots of family. 
While there we had a baby shower for Jordan & Candon and little girl on the way, birthday party(s), BBQ in the park & baseball games. 
We cut Chelsie's hair... 11 inches! While in Mesa I did 2 photo shoots and 5 hair appointments. 
FINALLY got to the valley and was able to do a little shopping
... really tired of shopping ONLY at WalMart! 

Loved staying with Grandma D! We had such a nice time visiting all day. We put Hoytie's height on the the "How Tall Wall". He wins for the shortest...for now! The grandkids love their "gwama d" and what little kids wouldn't love blue popcorn, cinnamon rolls, popsicles,chocolate, driving around "looking for animals" and playing in the backyard in the pool! 

We love you G Ma thanks for having us! Hope you had a great Birthday!



Gila Valley Temple

The Temple here is so amazing. 
It's steeple can be seen almost anywhere in the town 
and when these summer storms come they illuminate the white building and it is so beautiful. 
I can't wait to print this and have it in my home as a constant reminder. 

"It is my personal priority to make sure members of the 
Church have access to the blessings of the temple,"  
"It is here where members learn of their divine origin and destiny; 
where they are strengthened spiritually as individuals and as families. 
Temples are sanctuaries from the storms of life."
President Thomas S Monson

Gila Valley Temple

2011 Christmas Mini Shoots

I'll be doing Mini Sessions in both Mesa and Thatcher this year. These are the ONLY dates that are available for each. I will be offering Custom Christmas cards for $25/design + cost of printing. I loooove the die cut lux cards from http://www.simplycouturedesigns.com/ and will be using the ones shown below. Can't wait for the Holidays! Can't wait to see everyone! Location TBD. If you have a specific one in mind please let me know. Thanks!


It was a yummy sunday. 
Yes, I did go to the gym today and on a walk with the boys.
 That should take care of ONE of the nutter butter truffles.

Fried avacados.
 Blue cheese buffalo chicken sourdough grilled cheese sandwich. Oh my....

Nutter Butter & Oreo truffles

all recipes from http://foodgawker.com/



Oh Pinterest....you little trixie!

For a month I've been drooling over all of your decor, styles, crafts, DIY projects, photography, parties and  recipes. Eye candy that is perfectly organized at the click of a mouse. I've convinced myself that EVERYONE can do EVERYTHING. 
Fool me once shame on you... Fool me twice shame on me! Now that I've come down off this visually stimulating overload lets get together and be true to ME. 
 Thank you for inspiring me!
 I'm positive I am not a professional at anything nor do I want to be. 
I'm just a mom and wife that loves to look at pretty things (especially when they are photographed beautifully)  ...but girls do love to dream and create and apparently I am no different.

Have it known that anything clever, cute or delicious that appears on this blog most certainly came from someone else on Pinterest!

 Like THIS little artwork I did today.


drooling. smiling. laughing. rolling. eating. sleeping 

weight: 16.5   80%
height: 25.5   75%
head: 16.5     50%


Mom came to visit us this weekend! It was so nice to have her... live in maid, babysitter, friend! We literally sat around doing nothing but playing with the babies and watching back to back episodes of  Say Yes To The Dress. Loved having her and the boys were glad to be with their "DeeDee". We worked on a few projects while she was here. I have been seeing these Anthropologie inspired coffee filter wreaths and balls EVERYwhere and had to have one. I helped her make some "floof" balls for a baby shower she has coming up as well as some napkin flowers  for my house and her shower. LOVED how they turned out!