Post temple/Chase& Bailey sealing

Congrats to the couple!

Post reception and sooo tired


Bike Rides

Peeing in the yard. The helmet is just in case!

First day of Sunbeams

Box Canyon 

daddy's boots

Most thoughtful, sweet mom! She came to visit for a weekend

Trying on DeeDee's glasses

First time back to basketball in a year! Won the game! 

Bedtime Stories


These two boys are the light of my life. 
I was talking with Grandma D on the phone and discussing the conference talk that mentioned the "seasons" of life. I've been in a rut lately of mundane and monotonous days. The laundry, the dishes, the diapers. They are always there in the morning, come rain, shine, sickness or bad days! These pictures depict little angels... and they are! However, what isn't shown are the sticky syrup hands, dirty diapers, the messes, the crying.... It can be overwhelming and exhausting, as all mothers know. But, amidst the messes are sparkling little eyes, laughter, gap-filled toothy smiles and  tender little moments that I know will never happen again! 

My one New Years resolution this year is to 
focus on "living in the moment and loving every moment."  

When I purchased my first camera I always put my setting to automatic. I got a lot of really nice pictures this way. After learning how to use my camera and it's settings and knowing how to adjust each feature to harmonize together my photographs began to take life and became so much more beautiful to me! It was more work then just pressing the shutter but worth it.  I notice with my boys the days I set my self to "auto" they are good days that are just missing something.  But the days I sit down on the floor with them, listen to them, play with them, set aside the housework for a minute, get off the computer, look up from my phone and really be involved.... those are the beautiful days. I want more beautiful days. 


Congratulations to Chase and Bailey! 
My baby brother is married! 
It was a beautiful weekend. 
Love seeing Family and friends.


 I'll be honest our new years was lame. 
The boys and I got home from Mesa after dark, we ate dinner, 
posed for some mock New Years kiss pictures and went to bed at 9. 
Willie and I were both completely exhausted from the previous week and travel! 
Oh well there is always next year! 
Good bye 2011. 
You had some tricks up your sleeve didn't you. 
Thank you for the memories.