Vance & Alyx
Avree & Vance


no more swimming

Well its official the water in my moms pool is too cold now today was our last day of swimming till next year! Maybe next year we can start swim lessons too!


After dinner (I had jalepenos) I had this crazy reaction about 2 hours later...it all started with tingling in the corners of my mouth and ended looking like I had lip injections! I took some benadryl and went to bed and woke up to my old lips but dang! I should bottle the stuff!

two men & a little lady

Dad and Chase both had their birthday's this weekend...and Chelsie had her baby! She is so sweet as sooooo soooo tiny! I call her Alyx the Ant bc she is so petite and has a tiny little head! We love her already so much!


love of mine

This baby melts my heart every single day! I never knew being a mother could bring me this much joy!

Vance v.s. Puppy

Vance is in to wrestling evertyhing! His favorite being Daddy & Puppy! I don't think pictures do justice the best part is the growly sound effects he makes when taking a bite out of Puppy's fuzzy nose! At least he always ends it with a hug!


It was my month to host Bunco! With over 75 percent of the group prego and about to burst it was as exciting as it could get.... Thanks everyone for coming it's always fun to get together! Thanks Mom and Chris for the help!



Vance has found his hands and has them in his 
mouth every moment and has become a little drool monster!

Getting together to play baseball has been a favorite pass time for my mom's family. We spent the Labor Day Weekend in Payson. Monday we went to Rumsey park and played a couple games, my Uncle Dan brought up a bag a mitts and balls and we found Gandpa Vances old mitt. You can tell that it has played many many games. It was even restrung with wire in some places. Grandma D even got in on the action! Some of us played in flip flops some played 2 positions but it was still lots of good family fun!