I love monsoon season!!!

monsoon's are the best !! maybe it's just living in a brutally hot climate that makes me get excited about a storm. I realize there are storms and flooding all around the world right now and I feel sooooo bad.....but I love when we get a good storm, the thunder/lightening the wet desert smell from the rain, the wind and clouds! I can't wait for summer to be over!

Poor Chaser!

chase had an injury during a tackle @ football camp! snapped his arm clean in half right below the shoulder.... he had a 3 hour surgery and has a rod down the center of his bone from the shoulder to the elbow. so much for his football season!


7 random things about me

  1. I LOVE FEBREEZE.....does anyone else use febreeze like I do??? There isn't anything i won't febreeze, if you've seen their commerical that is me!

  2. when i am getting ready in the morning i always, always, start blowdring from the left to the right to the back.

  3. When i'm driving home from work or around town for a long time, I have to call people... it does'nt really matter who! that is when i make all my calls! i forgot my phone @ home the other day and realized how dependent i am on it. I reached for it like 7 times. i finally had to settle for the radio.

  4. When the power goes off at the house i don't get it!!! i watch it go out and the lights go off then realize i need to go find a flash light and when i leave the room i flip the switch off! what nonsense!!! not to mention when i come back in the room i flip them on again! gets me every time!

  5. our closet MUST be organized most importantly by color...on the left starting with whites to the right ending with blacks. secondly type, and amt. we wear them. and all the fronts of the shirts facing forward. Sometimes Will hangs the clothes and it practically does me in...he consistently places a black shirt in with the browns or grays and it kills me!

  6. To this day i will not eat the crust on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. other sandwiches are ok but not PB&J. I also like when it has been smashed in a ziploc bag all day. If im going to eat it right away I'll smash it down myself.

  7. lastly, i'm still afraid of the dark!!! petrified....the light in the bathroom must stay on all night and the door cracked just an inch. Will thinks it is rediculous but i will literally lay awake until one of us gets up and turns it on.



so.... lisa (Eager) and i were talking @ work the other day about our husbands and the different intrests and hobbies they have. Love them to death but we couldn't help having a little resentment towards them for leaving us to go on "guy's only" activities (hunting etc.)! I know for a fact they would be more then happy to have us along, however those activities are not really our cup of tea. So we were thinking well what if we took a "girl's only" trip or had some kind of monthly get together!?
There are so many cute girl's in this big group of family & friends there is no reason we can't have a trip equivalent to our husbands getting together and spending a weekend at an archery shoot etc. I don't want to be misunderstood....I LOVE MY HUSBAND! I just think that we all focus on all the needs in our lives and familys...jobs...kids... and don't take enough time for ourselves!

some of our thoughts were trips to rocky point. My parents have a great 3 bedroom condo @ las palomas, along with a couple of other of my family members, and i know other's have connection's as well. The sonoran spa has amazing pedicure's for under $30 and i've heard the massages are fantastic! some others ideas being...

  • bunco group
  • book group
  • hiking group
  • (we already all blog so that doesn't count!)

If anyone has some good ideas...let's have em'!

4 peaks

i wish i had more photo's of this but my camera battery died 5 min. after we got there! For father's day my dad got a clay pigeon launcher (don't know the name) and stuff for shooting. So we all took a trip up to four peaks and had a delicious KFC picnic, enjoyed the 89 degree evening (a relief from the 114 degree day) and shot clay pigeons! not a typical thing for us to do but never the less enjoyable!

I hate BEES!!!

I just want everyone to know I hate bees! My dad claims I must have sweet blood bc insects love me! When i was little we were camping on the rim and i full on got attacked by a swarm of bees! just recently i was at the lake for chelsie's birthday and a bee stung me on the left leg...i don't know if anyone has been stung lately but i forgot that it's not pleasant besides the fact that i think i have a small allergic reaction. Then 1 week later i am watering my parents garden while they were out of town and sure enough the one and only bee that i've ever seen in their backyard manages to find me and sting me literally 1/2 an inch from the last sting!!! I think they're out to get me! (if you look close you can see the previous sting as well!)


dinner's served / sick day

we had this stuffed monkey laying around the house (it was a gag gift) and it squeals out monkey noises... the dogs found it and it is their favorite toy! they tote him around everywhere!!! they've even managed to rip one of the legs off. i came home the other day and they had placed him in their food bowl! looks like monkey is next on the menu!

i took the dogs in for their puppy shots last week and the lady said very rarely do puppies have allergic reaction to the shots but just keep an eye on them, by the time she had done both dogs and i got to the reception area Leo was vomiting all over the desk and his face was swelling!!! He had to have some steroid shots and an IV in his arm! when i got him home his swelling had gone from his face to his ears! figures the "very rarley" dog is mine! He is all better now!