I hate BEES!!!

I just want everyone to know I hate bees! My dad claims I must have sweet blood bc insects love me! When i was little we were camping on the rim and i full on got attacked by a swarm of bees! just recently i was at the lake for chelsie's birthday and a bee stung me on the left leg...i don't know if anyone has been stung lately but i forgot that it's not pleasant besides the fact that i think i have a small allergic reaction. Then 1 week later i am watering my parents garden while they were out of town and sure enough the one and only bee that i've ever seen in their backyard manages to find me and sting me literally 1/2 an inch from the last sting!!! I think they're out to get me! (if you look close you can see the previous sting as well!)

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mattnbeth said...

im sorry. that stinks. they must love your beautiful legs! :)