7 random things about me

  1. I LOVE FEBREEZE.....does anyone else use febreeze like I do??? There isn't anything i won't febreeze, if you've seen their commerical that is me!

  2. when i am getting ready in the morning i always, always, start blowdring from the left to the right to the back.

  3. When i'm driving home from work or around town for a long time, I have to call people... it does'nt really matter who! that is when i make all my calls! i forgot my phone @ home the other day and realized how dependent i am on it. I reached for it like 7 times. i finally had to settle for the radio.

  4. When the power goes off at the house i don't get it!!! i watch it go out and the lights go off then realize i need to go find a flash light and when i leave the room i flip the switch off! what nonsense!!! not to mention when i come back in the room i flip them on again! gets me every time!

  5. our closet MUST be organized most importantly by color...on the left starting with whites to the right ending with blacks. secondly type, and amt. we wear them. and all the fronts of the shirts facing forward. Sometimes Will hangs the clothes and it practically does me in...he consistently places a black shirt in with the browns or grays and it kills me!

  6. To this day i will not eat the crust on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. other sandwiches are ok but not PB&J. I also like when it has been smashed in a ziploc bag all day. If im going to eat it right away I'll smash it down myself.

  7. lastly, i'm still afraid of the dark!!! petrified....the light in the bathroom must stay on all night and the door cracked just an inch. Will thinks it is rediculous but i will literally lay awake until one of us gets up and turns it on.


Katie said...

Afraid of the dark?! Looks like we both still have and do childish things!(remember I pee my pants...I'm sure you can't forget!)
My sister LOVES Febreeze! It's great stuff, but I seem to forget about it.

Kim & Max Willis family said...

oh i can't ever have a pitch dark room to sleep in! Max loves it that way,, but he will let me crack the door open with the hall light on! i have always been scared of the dark!!

elizabeth cullimore said...

You are so funny Camie! I have never heard of someone purposely smashing a PB& J!! I totally agree with color coding my closet! How else do you know where anything is?

mattnbeth said...

this is great! i love it. my fav is the pb&j sandwiches. so random!