the best fruit dip ever! greek yogurt, peanut butter, honey, vanilla

"mom this is a picture of you."
"What is that on my head?"
"Your big hair."
time for a haircut!



preschool kite

FHE in the back yard. 

no more plantar faciatis 

borrowing a baby today

superhero in training 

can you spot hoyt?

heading to mesa 

hallie's prom hair

eating moms ice pack

 rifle class on mt. graham


 teacher appreciation



Pinetop/Lakeside is always a welcomed retreat for us. 
We made a last minute decision to meet Mom & Dad up there for the weekend. 
Some fresh air, fishing, family & fun was exactly what this family needed! 

What can I say he drives me CRAZY... and sometimes it's in love! 

Cabin Life: 
Rook, babies, photo distortions on the tablets... that one kept us entertained for awhile. Trampoline, feeding the ducks well and enjoying the scenery and the sunny 75 degree weather.