9 months

Weight = 24.4lbs
Height = 28 1/2 in.
Head = 18 3/4... 97 percentile

This little guys new favorite thing is to go to dinner! He loves sitting on the side of the table in a highchair and getting spoonsfuls of mashed potatoes and bits of rolls or tortillas! He will sit and watch his learing dvd's for hours and kicks back on his bean bag with his silky blanket.


no pedicure for me!

Yesterday I had an incident occur... Willie was switching out our kitchen sink and I was just an innocent barefooted bystander when his foot
slipped...hit mine... and next thing i knew i was looking down at my toenail that was now flipped backwards facing the ceiling exposing a naked nail bed! In shock I flapped it back down and started to scream! and just in time for summer! Saddest part was Vance having witnessed the whole thing starting crying b/c I was! poor little guy! Willie felt terrible but on a better note my kitchen sink looks amazing!

"arms up!"

Vance watches a learning video every day that tells him a series of things to do like touch his nose or eyes, wave or put his arms up....well a few days ago he just started raising his arms! he thinks he is so cool especially because we all laugh and clap when he does!