Will he be Mormon???

i should really mention this b/c it was so cute, Chris wrote it as a comment but...we were all watching the video of the baby last night and Uncle Oscar says "I wonder if he will be Mormon"! kids think of the funniest things! I'm sure he's gonna teach baby vance all he knows and all his sweet tricks! we love you oscar!


here's a quick clip of our 4D ultrasound he opens his mouth a couple of times...it looks like he's yawning! I still can't believe that there is a REAL BABY in me! now i know what he is up to when i feel his little kicks! (on a side note disregard the cord that's in front of his face the whole time that looks like a little sausage! Grandpa Shill said it looks like he is trying to eat it!)



We went to our 4D ultrasound today...here are some of our favorite pics of him! This is Willie's favorite pic b/c baby is trying to show off his muscles! hopefully when we go back in@ 31 weeks his cheeks and body will be filled in a little more!
a profile shot
this is the closest shot of his face that we got b/c he had his legs and arms in front the ENTIRE time! Also he had the cord across his face and nose so it looks a little distorted. we were a little bummed but what can you do???

just a shot of his little feet and legs he had them up by his head the whole time!



Happy Birthday to my best friend Brooklyn! Her birthday is on the 20th! Despite having 5th and 6th grade together we didn't become friends until Jr. High but...have been ever since! My grandpa lived with us after suffering a stroke and everytime Brooklyn would come over he would say she was the "sunshine"! All who know her know this is true! If you are fortunate enough to have her in your life condsider yourself lucky! I do! Hope you have the best B-Day ever!



not the clearest pic but here he is! all's well, and he is getting bigger!


ok so i know i've been a post-aholic lately, but come on I've been home for 5 days straight and i think i'm goin crazy! we go to our dr. apt. today for the ultrasound and i promise to not post for a while! But i have to tribute my sweet valentine!

I have no shame i could brag all day about how wonderful he is! But i'll just share a few reasons why i love him so much! Most recently I LOVE when he puts his hand on my back when i'm throwing up and tells me it's gonna be ok and then proceeds to clean it up while i shower! I LOVE that he made me a MOM and I'll have a baby that is part of him! I LOVE when he leaves so early in the morning and he comes by the side of the bed and holds me so tight like it's the last time he'll ever see me! I LOVE having my very best friend by my side every single day! I don't deserve him! I love you lil'

"she gives me kisses on the lips just for coming home"

I've been meaning to post this but had a lot goin on. listen to lyrics of "angel" below in my playlist i don't know that i'll ever get sick of Jack.



willie insisted that i go to the hospital yesterday due to going on 4 days of still being sick with no improvement and fear that I was dehydrated. Sooo he tattled on me and told my mom that she needed to take me. I hate the emergency room...until I found out that when your pregnant you get a FAST PASS!!! there were people that were waiting for 5 hours! i got right in bc i'm past 20 wks! it was like going to the front of the line at Disney Land! It was a relief that Vance was fine, and i wasn't having any contractions (which apparently is a serious risk if you are dehydrated). They ran all my blood work and hooked me up to an IV and said that i most likely had a bad stomach flu bug and was dehydrated. So after spending the day at the hospital, i'm home with a bruised arm from the IV but otherwise doing fine! Not to mention I got a tour (by wheelchair) of the hospital that i'll be delivering at and it is so clean and nice!



my bass pro shop shirt from willie

ok things are really moving along now! i'm feeling him all day long and the belly is out there loud and proud! Sitting up in bed is definately getting a little difficult I do more of a roll to the side! This pregancy thing is pretty fun right now but I can't wait to see the little guy I wish he would hurry up!


Well.....I'll tell you! One minute your @ Outback eating a chicken ceasar salad with your fam that you've been craving all day, 6 hours later your getting up every hour on the hour to use the "restroom"!!! I missed sat. of work not to mention was suppose to SPEAK IN CHURCH today and had to call the Bishop and explain how i can't be more then 5 steps from the bathroom! how embarrasing! Can't a pregnant girl catch a break! Do you think Willie our my mom got sick??? NOPE!



I don't know something just doesnt look right about this picture? After thinking about it for a week i've come around to the idea and am actually excited! I have a little 8 year old client that I cut his hair every couple of weeks and every time he wears his Marion jersey to the salon! We talk sports when he comes in especially Suns. yesterday he jumps up into the chair throws his arms up and says "CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS"!!! Well I guess we can give him a chance? if all else it's entertaing just to watch a 7'1 300+lb man run around!


My mom and I sat down and had a blogging lesson last night and she's ready to join and actually update her page! check it out! www.sevey.blogspot.com



aren't these fantastic! a client of mine brought in a little package yesterday saying when she heard i was having a boy she couldn't help herself and made these little cowboy boot/booties for Vance! What a sweet gesture and great talent! I showed Willie and he was less then ecstatic.... i'm sure there is a great little outfit just waiting to be paired up with these little "BOOTies"! if i ever get back into my crocheting phase you know what you will all be getting as baby gifts!


I can't respond!

i have had a couple of messages lately from blogging friends that have previously made their blogs private. I would love to respond but can't bc your private! sorry! if you are private and think we can see you or want us to let me know so i can give you my adress! we love to keep in touch with all of you! thx!