"she gives me kisses on the lips just for coming home"

I've been meaning to post this but had a lot goin on. listen to lyrics of "angel" below in my playlist i don't know that i'll ever get sick of Jack.


Byron & Sommer Hendershott said...

Oh how I love Jack too- I never had heard ANGEL before, but I really like it.
That is soo funny that you guys love Rob & Big too! Yeah, I know evey episode by heart it seems. The bull dog breeder is going to be breeding in 6 months- so I will keep you posted, BUT I am TOOTTALLY with you on just having a little dog, especially when you have a baby. I just want a little dog and a baby too :)

Morgan and Lauren said...

oh my gosh thats the sweetest song!! i love jack...man i love jack...you guys always have really good music i like to listen to it while i'm at work! it makes me smile :) ps i'm happy to hear you're feeling better!