We found a cozy (when I say cozy, I mean small)  little house in Thatcher close to his work. It has a cute personality and is tidy and clean. It has a yard and we can rent month to month so until we are here for a while and figure out exactly where we want to live it is perfect for us. We purged a lot of our old stuff with this last move and it felt soooo good. Now I'm ready to get motivated, organized and decorate... Anything from  HERE OR HERE would due just fine:)




A quick snap of the town. 
We got  an amazing rain and thunderstorm yesterday! So excited to have the new temple so close we have been fortunate to never live longer then a few minutes from a temple. 



ooops... we did it again. Yes moved again. That makes 15 times for me in my life so far, 5 of which since we've been married. Dad built homes for the majority of my childhood so we moved  every couple of years. I've lived in the upstairs of our grandparents home while other houses were being built. The houses we have lived in have ranged from a trailer...(single wide) all the way to a custom house with a casita bigger then that trailer. All of which have become "homes" over time.  I'd love to just stay put for a little while... just long enough to put down some roots get settled in a neighborhood and ward, but each house and each move has been as my mom always puts it "an adventure"!  

On long drives and trips Willie & I love to daydream about what our life will be, make plans and goals and name our unborn children. When visiting family in Payson and passing through towns like Showlow we agree the small town life is intriguing and would be a great way to raise our family. When living in the trailer in chandler I spent all my 3rd grader days helping my best friend feed her pigs and chickens and riding horses, playing in fields and loving all of it! I think because of that I'm comfortable with the thought of small town life. When this opportunity to move to Thatcher came up I definitely thought twice about it and as we thought it over and over excitement started to grow.  Willie spent several weeks down here before moving us down. He took to the town like he was born and raised here. I wasn't surprised!  The fishing, hunting and outdoors are his passion and his job is his hobby... that makes for a REALLY happy husband!  I'm excited for what this town has to offer. So far???  Easy, slow paced life, pretty scenery and  really kind, helpful, good people. I'm excited to make this house a home.


Oh man this post makes me want to start singing this song! 

Will I wait for you?..

Why Wally Kestler you ought to be

Ashamed of yourself

I've given you the best years of my life

I've stood here through it all
Through short and fat and tall
Through thick and thin and rain and snow and ice
And now you're questioning my integrity
Is that any way to treat your future wife

Doesn't morning wait for the sun to rise
Like a birthday waits for a big surprise
Like a baby waits for a diaper change
Doesn't laughter wait for a joke that's good
Like the big bad wolf for Red Riding Hood
Like a cowboy waits to be home on the range
After all I've said and all I've done
To prove my love is true

And now you ask if I'll wait for you
Doesn't mother wait for the bread to rise
Like a burger waits for an order of fries
Like a chicken waits for the egg to hatch
Didn't Alice wait for a Wonderland
Like Captain Hook did for Peter Pan
Like the alphabet waited for the letter Z
Like a faithful girl waits for her missionary

Saturday Warriors

During our move we both made a decision... to dump the 7 binders of letters, emails, cards and packages I saved from Willie's mission. We have been lugging them from one house to the next and all they do is take up space. We have never read through them in 5 years and would rather not have anyone else read through them.. They weren't meant for posterity they were meant for us.  I didn't want to but the anti-hoarder in me won! I went through and photographed some of the fun or significant items or pages so we could remember them and pulled out those really important and memorable letters. We flipped through them together for maybe an hour laughing an joking about how cheesy they were... It was a long time for me, a short time for him but important time for both of us. It has been 6 years this month since he has been home. Since we dated 2 years before he left it was tempting for us to want to be together and bypass his mission. However as has hard as it was to be apart his mission has been one of our relationships greatest advantages and blessings. But, now our correspondence can live on documented in photographs:) 


I took these about a month ago and came across them while editing some other photos. In our new house there is NO bath tub! I LOVE taking a bath... as does Vance.  It feels so good when I'm sick or pregnant or just want to wind down and relax at the end of the day.  I think I'm going to have bath withdrawal when we move:(  


Willie has been out of town for work during the week and home on the weekends until we all get moved down. It has NOT been fun! So glad to have him home for Fathers Day! He loves his little boys, loves being a dad and I LOVE him for it! Happy Fathers Day Daddy!


Today is Vance's birthday and he is 3 and Hoyt is exactly 1 month. He has been a sweet little newborn most of it was spent in the hospital, so we are just starting to discover  his cute personality! He is hungry always. The doctors warned us he would be hungry and try "making up for lost time"... and he is! But he can't be kept waiting or he gets MAD! He lost some weight in the hospital but is quickly putting back on. 

Happy Birthday Buddy!  
Vance loves "aspicable me" and especially the "biggins" (minions). 
 Can't believe he is 3... love him so much! 

party ideas courtesy of  www.emiliehandmade.com


No this is not a joke... We are moving again. Willie was offered a job in Thatcher, AZ. We are hoping to move down in the next month or two once we find a house.  Sooooo... We need help finding a place to rent for now in Thatcher or it's surrounding towns.  Anyone? Anyone?