b-day x 26 years = ME!

What can i say another year come and gone! And for anyone keeping track...
yes willie JUST turned 25 so that DOES make me a bit older...
Birthday's aren't exactly what they used to be when you were a kid and YOUR whole month was special (at least in our house it was)! I can see how people could dread their birthdays as a sign of getting older, lets face it im officially closer to 30 then 20! HOWEVER i've vowed to myself to get excited about each birthday from now to 90 bc thats one more year of a great life! This year was especially great, full of lots of memories, a little sadness but mostly joy!

I had a great dinner with mine and Willie's fam @ Famous Daves ( it was a little chucky cheesy...but we love their BBQ and Vance loved Wilbur!) Thanks everyone for the special gifts and the text messages, letters, emails and phone calls through out the day!

I had to show my new shirt as well since it is one of Chase's designs and since he is on his mission in New Zealand this was his contribution! Thanks pal, I love it!
Thanks love for the special day! (and just a side note, i have been begging for a new camera lense and willie went out and sold one of his guns and suprised me with the lense for my bday!) i guess he gets some points for that!


memorial day. Vance can WALK!


we took pics for our memorial day and started our summer scripture reading... if we keep on schedule we will be done by september sooo...we will see how that goes. Then we went to dinner with my fam @ los gringos... very exciting i know! But what is exciting is....

....some one learned to walk!!!!


so long fast food

goodbye fast food.  goodbye grease & lard. goodbye processed meat.

I am saying farewell to fast food. If  you see me with a filibertos burrito slap my face b/c im done! Yes I'm guilty i do partake....I even have convinced myself that it's ok since i have learned ways to order "healthy" choices or take off the bun etc. Nope. If it has a drive through window it's off limits! I'm tired of spending money on "food" that makes me feel like crap! convenient or not..... NO MORE FAST FOOD! 


sad news

I just found out this morning that a fellow hairstylist and good friend at my salon husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. I am deeply sad for her and have her in my prayers.  It is instances like this that I remind myself to cherish every day of this life and every moment with my family. How grateful i am to have the knowledge of the gospel in my life. I am so comforted to  know that families are forever and that this life is just a short period but that I will be with Willie and my family for eternity. 

up all night

i have been up for several nights in a row editing and uploading pics and text...i am doing a book of his first year and it is taking FOREVER!  and yes i do have a sweater on since willie insist on keeping the house an igloo and the ac vent pumps right down on me at the computer!


camping on the Rim has been a long time tradition of both my family as well as Willie's. We haven't been up for a while so we got together with willie's cousins the Eager's and Willis' and had such a fun weekend at bear canyon lake! Vance loved the lake, Willie cought some fish and I soaked up the amazing weather and scenery. We had tons of laughs around the camp fire and the smell of smoke in my hair on the drive home last night made we wish we could have stayed longer! I hope one of you girls has a good pic of the group.... can't wait till next time! 


Vance has a little sock monkey named george that hangs from his crib and this is how i found them yesterday...cuddled up together watching Nemo



well monday i was at work and noticed there was a client on my books that i had done several times over a year ago. She is a little asian women about 45 from the east coast who had moved home for a year and now was living here again. When she arrived i walked to the front greeted her and told her to follow me back to my chair i sat her down and began to drape her. She whirled around in the chair to face me and said, " You Camie!" i said, "yep"... she then cupped her hands over her mouth giggling a bit saying, " oooohhh, you got pwettiur!" (meaning prettier, i think)... at a loss for words i said, "well... i think i was about 9 months pregnant the last time you were here... maybe that's what it is?"
Now, I know I should take this for the compliment I'm sure she meant it as but seriously.... WAS I THAT MUCH OF A FAT TROLL WHEN I WAS PREGNANT?! sad part is this is not exactly the first time this has happend. Needless to say i shared a laugh with our receptionist finished her cut and went about my day, but honestly!!!! So one of two things... either that PREGNANCY GLOW does NOT apply to me or magically i really did get pwettiur! (these are the days i regret working with the public)!
Willie's b day was great! lots of fun with family... he got all the fishing stuff he could handle, well for this month, shirts from chase's company, and $ card from Grandma D. What a lucky lucky boy. 1/4 century old congrats babe!

Thanks to Howie willie's coworker and friend who just so happens to be the nicest guy in the world! He gave willie a very nice reel and fly rod.

mothers day

It was a great mothers day! Happy Mothers day to our mothers and all the mothers out there! I had my very first mothers day this year since last year I was bursting at the seams with a very large baby inside of me and my husband refused to aknowledge that was my first mothers day(i will never let him forget this) but this year was for real and willie gave be a new strap from shutterlychic for my camera that i've been eyeing and a tender little note from him and Vance.. i guess he is back on track!


Well the boys left this morning for their first Father & Son camping trip..Willie has been waitin for this day for a long time! This im sure will be the first of many!
these are pics that willie snapped with the little camera up there! honestly this little guy kills me!Willie said he loved the fire and stared at the flames and the smoke forever and had fun playin in the back of grandpa shill's truck!



Vance will actually be 11months on the 9th but he tagged along on Avree and Nixyn's shoot yesterday so I figured i would just use the few i got of him for his 11 month pics...  However i am the worst mother and sat vance on a bench with avree and he nosed dived into the grass and came up with a mouth full of dirt... you cant see it in these pics (thanks to photoshop) but he has scratches all over his nose and cheeks! i felt so bad!

for chase

this was chases bean bag and he gave it to vance.... he loves sitting in it to watch his movies! 
also our walks have been so fun lately he sits up pointing at all the cars and trucks that go by and yelling at them?! 


seriously so blessed

I know that with in the blogging community the expression "seriously so blessed" has become a bit of a cliche, I realize why... In general we ARE a blessed nation, a blessed people, a blessed city and community and I lived a blessed life.

Willie and I decided to have a picnic in the park day....we headed down to dobson to the riverview park and got a bucket of chicken etc. from pollo loco. We selected a park bench and had a seat and enjoyed our lunch. A few minutes later a homeless gentleman came along with his bike and sleeping bag and whole rig and sat a table away from us... granted there were 5 other tables but i didn't mind. We finished our meal and began to toss scraps to the ducks so Vance could see them up close... it occured to me that this man was scoping us out with anticipation that there would be left overs... and here we were throwing them to the ducks and pigeons! I told willie quietly no more and i seperated what was left from our meal from the garbage and placed it in the center of the table. We began walking back to our car and I glanced back to see if he had taken the food as i had hoped he would.... He didn't... my predictions were wrong "oh well i thought, if he were hungry and to proud to ask, i would not embarrass him by offering just leave it if he wanted it." the birds had begun to peck at it but he remained constant... staring straight ahead as if he was completely unaware of it. As we pulled away and we were almost out of sight he leaped over to the 2nd table shooing the birds away and took the food. My heart sank, I would have gladly saved more for him had i known... A simple chicken dinner meant mainly as entertainment, not an attempt to fill our empty bellies. It was easy to purchase and didn't empty our account. For him however it was a next meal, until coming across another picnic etc. I can't assume I know this mans situation or how he came to be in a park on a bike looking for food. What i do know is I don't wonder how to get my next meal or IF there will be a next meal or where i'll lay my head a night. I HAVE been blessed in my life, that is no mistake! It is so easy to see blogs or friends, neighbors and family and wish we had more, wish we had better. But for me I have full tummy, a roof, a bed... people i love and people who love me...joy beyond words and the gospel and I am "seriously soooooo blessed!"