Me and Vance did a little photo shoot at home today and he didn't like the camera much...he made this grouchy face and covered his eyes!


Here are a few photos from Vance's first photo shoot @ one week old!



We have been staying at my moms for the last week since getting out of the hospital and I wanted to thank my mom for an amazing week! It has been a little extra difficult to get around and take care of the baby b/c of the c section and I don't know how I would have done it by myself with Willie @ work. If I didn't know better I would think we were staying @ a bed and breakfast! Not only did she take care of me and the baby but made our meals and did our laundry. She and dad gave up there master bedroom and bathroom and she did maid service every morning...garbages, cleaning, making the bed. Most helpful though taking the baby so I could shower, get ready and rest. She also taxied me around to all my apts. All the while adoring her first little grand baby every second she had. I know she must be exhausted...even though she said we could stay longer I was worried we would never want to leave! I guess we have to go home someday! My first 2 weeks of being a mother have been amazing and even though I have only scratched the surface of motherhood, I can now truly say that I know the love a mother has for a child. I'm so grateful to have a mom who is a perfect example of what mother is ... service and love. Thanks Mom we love you! Willie, Camie & Baby Vance



Vance's first week was very eventfull we had lots and lots of visitors like Grandma D. He went to his first outing (i didn't want him to go but Willie insisted) to Famous Daves...figures that would be his first resteraunt! He also slept ALOT! I layed him on a pillow and stepped away to brush my teeth and when I came back he had both his hands behind his head just "chillaxin" ! what a funny baby!



Happy Father's Day to Willie! He is loving being a dad for the first time and can not get enough of his little baby!



So I am tempted to include every detail of the past week but to save it from being a SAGA I'll spare everyone and just touch on the important stuff. First Vance is here and he is sooo sweet and soooo perfect we can not get enough of him! Thank you so much to all of our family and friends for all the support and for constantly checking in with us and for all the special phone calls, visits and gifts!
So my last month was not my favorite and after experiencing several episodes of false labor combined with fevers over 103 my final dr. visit we scheduled an induction for 41 weeks. Sun morning we checked in and 36 hours later and an emergency C section we had our sweet little baby!!! Somewhere in between I spent a day and 1/2 being induced to 10 cm., having my water break spontaneously, attempting a vaginal delivery only to find that at the last minute his head had turned and he was coming sideways. The epidural felt fantastic for hours and began to "wear off" at the point in which the dr attempted to turn him by having me attempt pushing in positions that i've never even new existed! Due to exhaustion and lack of strength from the epidural I started to hyperventalate from the pain and crying at which time he attempted the forceps and suction and concluded that the baby could not pass through the birth canal.....soooooooo he told me were going to have to set up for an emergency C section! I just remember thinking thank goodness because if I didn't have C section from now on I would never attempt a vaginal birth again! I thought that everything would be a peice of cake from then on... little did I know it was about to esscalate to an entirely new level of pain! They got me numb through my epidural to prepare me for surgery and as they were rolling me in to the O.R. the numbness made me begin to shake uncontrolably and as it spread up my body to my chest I had an overwhelming feeling that I couldn't breath or use my lungs and started to have a full blown panic attack, the nurses kept telling me it was normal and my lungs were working but that it would feel like I couldn't breathe. I eventually think I zoned out b/c I don't remember seeing or hearing the operation just feeling a good amount of pain and pressure and that my body was getting pulled around in all directions.....and then as soon as I heard him cry and Willie brought him around the side for me to see I could breathe and everything was perfect! I truly thought I had prepared myself for what might have come but nothing could have prepared me for this! Despite everything of course like every mother IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! He came with a little bit of a cone head since he spent some time in the birth canal but other then that he is literally perfect! He is 9lbs. 21 1/2 inches and the calmest sweetest baby ever! I also lucked out to only have a tiny insicsion with no stiches (except for the interior) or staples just operating "super glue", most excitingly I had no tearing from the vaginal attempt or hemerroids! We checked out today 5 days later and went home with our new little bundle, it has been the funnest thing and we can not get enough of him!



I had a great birthday weekend especially because I half expected to be in the hospital having a baby but that wasn't meant to be! so instead we spent the weekend in Payson! my parents were @ youth conference so they met us there sat. and my grandma and aunt debbie put together a fun little birthday set up! We had dinner in Payson and the following morning drove to Show Low to watch my bro. Candon compete in a mini Triathalon in which he finished 2nd in his age group. It was a fun time, good weather and I was mainly just relieved to get out of my house for a little bit! I got a lot of fun stuff from everyone and fun accessories for my camera from Willie...Sunday @ the shill's Hannah had made a GIANT cupcake it was sooo cute and delicious! I also made out with a 2 year subscribtion to popular photography magazine, giftcards and pedicure! Thanks everyone!