dinner at back yard taco with the fam

grandma sevey's funeral luncheon 

good thing children don't grow mustaches! 

we have a modesty problem lately! 

love him.

shopping desperado 

his first sentence with out asking for help and it says I {heart) you mom! 

good weather, good food, good time

closet reader 

oh hey

enjoying some sun. 

pannin' for nugs'

head less horseman (mom) 

reeses cheesecake brownies 



A new Year a new start! 

"where ya goin'?"
"I just have dig ok!" 

kings thrown 

going to walmart @ 4 am is soooo worth it. Why?
 Because I don't have to take the boys and I have the store all to myself! 

I love our new dehydrator! 

Red Knolls, Pima AZ

I have the knee of an 80 year old. I was on crutches for a week.
 Thank goodness for mom taking care of us. 

Doing taxes and working on getting this "load of his back"! 

This picture explains his true feelings about nursery and church! Peace Out!

BAMBAM! I regretted this purchase almost immediately!