THANK YOU WEMA! We love our Halloween PJ's! 
I love all of the funny faces these boys do. Makes me laugh every time. I sense that Hoyt is a little nervous about being wrestled around with... but he held his own.


Fall is HERE! 

 No pumpkin for Willie this year he didn't want to but here is mine, Vance's and Hoyts. No carving pumkins this year. Can you guess which one belongs to who?! 

While  Mom was here we had a little BBQ.  Chicken kabobs, backyard campfire, cool weather, S'mores..... We got some fun pumkin decor and mom made me a Halloween Garland! Luckily she showed up since I had NO plans to decorate for Halloween this year. Glad she did sooo cute!


It's starting to become a little bit of a tradition to work on projects when Mom comes to visit. 
I decided to up-cycle a few items around the house and put them to better use!
 So happy to just be renting right now but the commitment I want to make to things is not the that strong. 
Mom literally cleaned every window inside and out for me... obviously I didn't plan on doing it myself. 
We spent a whole weekend making Pinterest recipes, painting, cleaning and having a great time. 
As always I could not have done it with out her! 

Now to find a great basket for this empty space 

before                                                                           after

 Nasty dusty lamp.... Now pretty!

before                                                                      after 

Im bummed I didn't do a before of this but it was all white and desperately needed to be painted. I swore I wouldn't fall victim to the chevron print but here I am and I looooooove it! Just enough and when I get sick of it  or move out of this rental I'll take it down... since I used contact paper! (shhhhhh don't tell!)  
 As soon as I finish the rest of the kitchen 
and have some items for the shelves I'll be sure to take some real pictures...
 this is just what I had in the house on sunday. It's starting to come together slowly but surely! 


scooting, rolling, rice-cereal-eating, foot-grabbing, laughing



We have had yet to go to a fair as a family since Vance has been too small for anything. 
Fall hit us hard. Last week we were in shorts this week sweaters... I love it! 
We ate ourselves silly. Nachos, cotton candy, churros and hot dogs. 
As an 8 year old after attending the fair  I was quoted saying, "This is the best day of my life!" I've since had better days (thankfully) ... Vance didn't say it was his BEST day  but it was a great day!


He took to rice cereal like a champ. Obviously. It's food right!


I fell in love with the cotton fields the minute we moved here. 
Rows and rows of green fields in this valley. I've loved watching them change and bloom.
 I'm sooo excited to do our family photos once they've dried up! 


09.29.11 six years. 
Love him like the first day.

Sugar, iron and lilies are the symbols for #6. Since we just purchased a new car and barbecue grill we decided to just have a quick trip and not do any gifts. But, I did get some flowers and Willie had a friend make an "iron" frame!  We dropped the boys at Mom & Dad's and spent the weekend in Scottsdale. We went to  the iPic theater, hotel, sushi and shopping. We haven't been able to be on a date alone since I was pregnant with Hoyt... it was nice. Love my babies but Willie is my  #1. Funny how the whole time we are on a trip to be alone we are thinking about and buying gifts for the boys.