It's starting to become a little bit of a tradition to work on projects when Mom comes to visit. 
I decided to up-cycle a few items around the house and put them to better use!
 So happy to just be renting right now but the commitment I want to make to things is not the that strong. 
Mom literally cleaned every window inside and out for me... obviously I didn't plan on doing it myself. 
We spent a whole weekend making Pinterest recipes, painting, cleaning and having a great time. 
As always I could not have done it with out her! 

Now to find a great basket for this empty space 

before                                                                           after

 Nasty dusty lamp.... Now pretty!

before                                                                      after 

Im bummed I didn't do a before of this but it was all white and desperately needed to be painted. I swore I wouldn't fall victim to the chevron print but here I am and I looooooove it! Just enough and when I get sick of it  or move out of this rental I'll take it down... since I used contact paper! (shhhhhh don't tell!)  
 As soon as I finish the rest of the kitchen 
and have some items for the shelves I'll be sure to take some real pictures...
 this is just what I had in the house on sunday. It's starting to come together slowly but surely! 

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Lauren said...

Your place is looking great!