36 weeks....or something like that

my oh my! my shower is this sat. so i figured i would do my monthly belly post a little early since i'll have several new pics from the shower. My mom was in boston for 2 weeks and when she got home she said, "we missed you....and look @ that bullet belly!" I'm getting sooo excited and recording every baby show on our dvr and watching them every morning.... i think i may be making a big mistake by exposing myself to a little to much information but i can't help it! seriously everytime i watch the little babies come out and yell there first cry I start tearing up! it is so rediculous! I started thinking today even though i'm so uncomfortable I think i'm going to miss having this preg belly, it has been so much fun!



My Parents and brother Candon were back east for the Boston marathon this past week and while they were there they went to the Norman Rockwell museum. They were handing out free black and white prints of some of his work and my mom brought these back for vance's nursery! I'm such a fan of Rockwell, and his work goes perfect with Vance's vintage nursery! I love them, thanks Mom!



I went in today for a check up, i'm supposed to be @ 33 weeks which means he should be about 4lbs., he is measuring to be @ least 35 weeks and 5.6lbs.! Dr. Beck said that just because he's measuring bigger doesn't mean i'm further along, just that he is big.....I reminded him Willie was 11lbs. @ birth so that's a strong posssibility! No wonder he always has his foot up by his face.... he's huge!... and i'm starting to feel it!


baby shower announcement

just wanted to thank Malissa for putting together these cute baby shower invites!



I'm trying to gather addresses for the baby shower to give to brooklyn and my mom. If you are a cousin we most likely have yours but please email me just to make life easier! If you read this blog or are involved in our lives I would love love love for you to come! you can send it via comment or e-mail it to me at camshill@gmail.com I would LOVE to have you all there! It's going to be on Sat. May 3rd from 10-12 in the morning @ my mom's house in Mesa. Hope that works for everyone!



Willie likes to call it the "biggie belly" and laugh @ me when i grunt trying to get off the couch or bed! I'm also starting to get the waddle if I try to walk too fast! Soooooo fun!



so we went today (31 weeks) for our ultrasound. We got to see baby Vance and his chubby cheeks and pouty lips! He is looking so much like Willie! I can't get enough of him, does everyone else feel this way about their sweet little babies?!?!