so we went today (31 weeks) for our ultrasound. We got to see baby Vance and his chubby cheeks and pouty lips! He is looking so much like Willie! I can't get enough of him, does everyone else feel this way about their sweet little babies?!?!


The Adamsons said...

those are amazing pics they got and they are so clear! doesn't it just melt your heart to see your little boy- it's crazy to think that that's what you have growing inside of you. i can't wait to see what the little guy looks like. i'm so happy for you guys.

Mallory and Craig Nikolaus said...

That is unbelieveable! How wonderful! We're excited for you guys!

Love ya, Mallory and Craig Nikolaus

the bakers said...

He looks like Will! It was so cool to watch the video last night, He will be a tall boy! There's no room for his legs!

Anjanette Friestad Ricketts said...

These pictures are amazing! I never had those done! I can;t believe you are going to have him soon! His room looks great too!
I don't know if you want to or care to look but I made a blog too. It's
Hope everything is going great!


Malissa said...

He definitly looks like a Shill baby!! So cute! How great is technology!!

Katie said...

Wow! You can totally tell how cute he is!