Willie FINALLY had a day off! 20 minute drive from our house and we were on top of Mt. Graham. It is so beautiful, the view of the valley is amazing and the rain/weather was to die for.
 It made me not miss The Rim so bad! Hoyt slept the entire way and Vance got car sick from all of the hair pin turns and threw up a few times on the way down... maybe not the best idea to stop by Taylor Freeze before heading up. 

photos from iphone


Hoyt was blessed Sunday the 24th in Thatcher, AZ. We had all or our immediate family in town for The grand opening of Willie's store as well as Hoyt's blessing. Willie gave him a beautiful blessing with the help of the other preisthood holders in our family. So grateful for all the support and love! 


Willie's store grand opening was a huge success! Hundreds of costumers, Radio d.j.'s, vendors, freebies, raffles... It was so much fun! Finally got some photos of as the day wound down. Thanks everyone who came!


We also breifly celebrated the 24th of July (pioneer day). I missed the parade but caught a few of us who stepped out to see the fireworks.


 Well he had a bumpy start to life but at 2 months he isn't wasting any time getting back on track! 12.4 lbs at his last appointment and 23 inches long. He has been packing it on and is finally that snuggly, chubby baby I've been waiting for. He is a really really easy baby.. just don't let him get hungry!!! He has one cry and when he uses it, it is serious! And he had his first hair cut (just a trim).  He's busy SMILING... such a smiley little guy, blowing bubbles, talking to his dad, sucking on his hand, watching his crazy brother and lots of eating and sleeping. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.... love him! 

Of course Vance won't allow himself to be left out... his newest face.... "nice, teefers!" 
3.1 years old 


This 3 year old has been obsessing over EVERYTHING lately. 
"Thomas" (with a lisp)! "Where is Thomas!?" He has the entire Thomas & Friends set and takes each train with him everywhere we go. Since there are 6 of them he stacks them up under his chin and ends up looking a little like "Gus, Gus" from Cinderella. 

Grandma & Grandpa Shill went out to eat with us and the quarter toy machines were near the register. He ended up with this tiny tiny turtle.... and so the insanity began. For 2 weeks  I spent all my time looking  under couch cushions and sifting through toys to find this pea sized turtle.

And lastly, "eggs & ham". A phrase that is repeated several times a day. We have to read the book daily and the dvd is on repeat. Although I love this collection of books... a person can only handle so much Dr. Seuss in one day.

I've been tempted and threatened to toss all of these items...but I'm to afraid of the consequences. 

Happy 4th of July!