8 months

Vance is a crazy! he is in to EVERYTHING and my arm burns if I carry him any longer then 5 min. He wants down all the time and is such a pain @ church! He has outbursts of baby language and clenches his teeth and fists as if he were going to transform into the hulk! He's pulls himself up on everything so he can let go and attempt taking steps and tries to stand alone untill his legs buckle. His 2 front teeth are totally in and have room to fit a truck between.... we;'ve got ourselves a little spongebob!

lil hands

a few weeks ago willie was showing vance himself in the mirror and he was slapping his hands on the mirror sooo excited to see his reflection.... i've been meaning to clean it but everytime I pass by these little prints make me smile! it's killing me to leave it but maybe just for a week longer...!


duck day

also... willie and vance buzzed their hair! they both look so cute!

we had a good time thursday at the park feeding the ducks and watching them dive for fish....we even saw some turtles!


Happy Love Day!

Happy Valentimes! I love Valentines day! I love all the pink the red the hearts the word LOVE and all that comes with it. Yes it is is completely comercialized but I don't care it's one of my fav's! I especially love my lil' Valentine and my BIG Valentine! Happy Valentines Boys! And XOXOXO to all of you!

baby Nixyn!

This little Princess is Vance's new cousin (the 3rd girl!). Congratulations Hannah & Billy!

7 months

7 months and Vance has entered the wide world of crawling, exploring, pulling himself up on furniture and STAIRS! Yes I did comb over his hair...and for good reason... Willie and Vance gave themselves buzz cuts and this was my last chance with his cute hair! And the fantastic Panama shirt you see here is compliments of DeeDee and grandpa Sevey from their trip!