he could stand or walk like this for hours 

FHE at the track with out daddy. We hate night shifts!

I like to run them before bed. 

art time

it may be pink but it's still fun

so lovely

sometimes I feel sorry for his food. 

thank you Hoyt for turning the oven to 500 degrees. 

best uncle.

sunday afternoon. 


wants to be like dad

evening walks 


Thirty feels a lot like twenty-nine did yesterday. Good.
"Thirty, flirty and thriving!" 

Willie decided not to work and we went to Mesa a day early. Shopping, Sushi, Movies.... 
things a small town girl really starts to miss after awhile! 


JumpStart Preschool age 3-5 with Mrs. Chantel Allen

Vance has grown so much in school and enjoyed every
 social, singing, dancing, coloring, learning moment of it!


Who says the girls can't have fun while the boys are at Fathers & Sons?! 
We visited the temple in the morning and then lunched, shopped and RELAXED!


These boys. 
Fathers & Sons 2013
My boys are pretty lucky to have an uncle young enough to be their brother! 
They loved their short but sweet fishing trip. 


Mothers day was great with these loves of my life. 



Happy birthday Daddy! 
29 never looked so good!
Hard muscles and a soft heart. 


Honestly who wouldn't want to get pampered by this cutie?!


Just a little party for a little guy. 
Pizza, swing, cupcake, truck. 
What more does a 2 year old need?