ok so i know we were supposed to wait and tell the parents after christmas but willie couldn't keep it in! and since we will be seeing several of you tonight @ grandma prince's i thought i would post it.....were having a BOY! I debated wether i should expose my little fetus but these are the pics I have and i think the top one explains everything! (top left hand corner) He was on his belly when we first started the ultrasound he had his little hands up by his ears and the doctor said it's a little BUFFALO!!! ummmmm..... the fact that willie was an 11lb baby probably means the doc wasn't to far off!!!!! all his measurments were normal and his brain and organs are healthy, he was so sweet and moving all around and again this was the coolest thing in my life to date! willie could not stop grinning the whole day and of course had to call all of his guy friends and brag! ( like he had any choice in the matter) We are planning on naming him Vance after my grandpa and middle name Eldon just like Willie and his dad boyd and so on...We are so excited!!!!


We've moved in/ Baby Shill

so we've moved in and completed (almost) our remodeling!!! it's taken way to long! this week is crazy and so will next but i plan to post again with before and after pics of the house and ultrasound of the baby! today we go in to find out if it's a boy or girl!

what's been goin on....

my lovely christmas pedicure...i traded services w/ a girl @ work!

temple lights w/ chels and nyles.....uhh where's the flash?

gingerbread houses w/ the williams and shills, uhhh SOME PEOPLE's are naughty!

notice the gold chain around willie's neck? that is actually a belly chain the was won during a white elephant. Don't get me started on the beard!!!

our tree out front is losing decorated my new tree
all it's leaves



ok either there was nothing on t.v. tues night or I was actually genuinly enjoying the republican debate on C-SPAN2!?!?!? Willie makes fun of me all the time but for some reason i'm drawn to politics... I catch myself listening to KTAR in the car all the time! Some days i'll come home and go on and on to Will about an issue that was discussed and he will just look at me and say ok ok settle down! He has even gone as far as calling me JANENE! (for all the fam, to me that is a compliment)! I swear sometimes I am the oldest most boring 24 year old ever! The "faith in america" adress from mitt romney is fantastic....It's 20 min. but if you have time it's worth a listen.



14 week pregnant belly pics......

So here you go Ellen! no, i've been meaning to post some pics but every time I think about it Will is never around to take them of me and my 10 sec delay on my camera is all messed up so i figured I will just have to take them myself! I love seeing all you preg girls pics through the months too it is fun to see how everyone carrys...um apparently i carry high..... when i see these pics it feels like my baby is up at my ribs! my mom said she was always very obviously pregnant by 4 months because of her short waist and looks as though like mother like daughter! oh boy and this only 4 months! If you are preg and want to check out or "compare" your belly to others I found a cool website that shows tons of pics of girls bellies at every week.... be warned some are not pretty!!! here it is.... http://www.amazingpregnancy-pictures.com/photopost/index.php/cat/501


This is my mom's tree, i had to take a pic b/c I always love seeing it up and how whymsical it feels! It makes christmas come to life in their house! If any one knows my dad they know he's a sucker for christmas...in former houses he's put giant blow up santa's, christmas villages etc., lately my mom has tamed him to just the inside decor! But this is my favorite tree of all! I can't wait till grandkids start to come and try to eat the fake candy ornaments!

miss the smell of a real tree???

If you miss the smell of a real tree b/c you have an artificial, William Sonoma has a good alternative!


chelsie's wedding

this is a little late but here are some pics of my sis's wedding. Congratulations chels & Nyles



I have a couple of requests and wondering if anyone out there has tips, or suggestions......

I've spent hours searching maternity clothing sites, nursery sites, etc. etc. in the months to come i'm gonna be wanting some decent jeans that are "comfy" I love everything from "A pea in the pod" but wondering if there is other less expensive options out there other then the typical gap, motherhood etc.
Secondly i'm looking for black Nursery crib/furniture (similar to the pic). If anyone has cute nursery furniture that there looking to sale LET ME KNOW! thanks


10 Weeks!

Well it's not much but here is baby shill's first picture! this is a profile the head is on the right, legs on the left, if you look closely you can see a small hand up by the face as if it were sucking it's thumb. The moving ultrasound was so fun b/c we could see it moving all around and the little heart going a hundred! it is now 11 weeks old and the size of a fig! i'm still sick as ever and have a really rough time brushing my teeth, i generally throw up directly following....this has been no fun @ all but seeing this little picture and hearing the heart beat made it all worth it! Willie came with and was loving every minute! sometimes i catch him looking up baby stuff on the internet...he is so excited!



Do this if you want.... i never do them but unfortunately i've been occupying far to much of my time with the stupid computer to ease the "pregnancy nausea"!

  1. What is his name? William/Willie/Will never never call him Bill/Billy and especially not Billiam(only when i want to make him mad!)
  2. How long have you been together? 2years dating, 2 years mission, 2 years marriage = 6 yrs.How long did you date? FOREVER!
  3. Who eats more? Willie always! he is my garbage disposal...anything i don't want goes on his plate, he says he hates it but always ends up eating it anyway!!!
  4. Who said I love you first? Willie...we both wanted to but i held back and he said, well i'm not to chicken to say it "i love you".
  5. Who is taller? Uh willie, by almost a foot!
  6. Who sings better? we are both horrible but Willie is by far the worst! especially to country music!
  7. Who is smarter? depends he is common sense smart but can't spell to save his life! i'm book and facts smart but couldn't change a tire if i needed to!
  8. Whose temper is worse? ME, ME, ME yes i can be a little fiesty but it's compensated with complete love, devotion and adoration on the other hand. He gets mad few and far between and when he does he'll punch the steering wheel or something and then start laughing bc he knows how rediculous he looks when he is mad. Being angry does NOT suit him! he is always calm i make up for both of us!
  9. Who does laundry? both, i sort he moves the baskets and i fold
  10. Who does dishes? Both
  11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does or whatever side is closest to the door
  12. Who pays the bills? 50/50
  13. Who mows the lawn? well if we had grass he would, everyone in my family including my mom mowed the lawn growing up but my dad never let me, i think he thought i would run over my foot or something! i would if someone would let me but i'd probably never do it a gain!
  14. Who cooks dinner? What is cooking?
  15. Who drives when you are together? Always Willie
  16. Who is more stubborn? ummmm me i pretty much never back down
  17. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? always willie....isn't it always his fault. I don't engage in an argument unless i know i will win!
  18. Who kissed who first? Willie
  19. Who asked who out? Me.... it' was a mix up! i casually invited him (along with everyone else in the class room) to an exboyfriends concert and he assumed i meant with me. good thing right?!
  20. Who proposed? Willie the day he got home from his mission!
    Who is more sensitive? genuinly Willie, but if i am too happy, sad, angry, i will start crying!
  21. Who has more friends? I would say Willie I think thanks to him mom (chris) knows everyone in mesa and their relation! Also everyone remembers willie and and has such adoration for him he is always running in to people everywhere we go it is so annoying i never know when some one is going to pop out of the isle at the walmart and strike up a conversation with him for 45 min.!
  22. Who wears the pants in the family? Anyone you ask will say I DO even willie, but he and i both know the truth!


some good music.....

We went and saw this movie weeks ago and didn't love it. The imagery was really beautiful and story was really good but there were some really CRAZY parts wich we figured. However if you are a beatles fan you would love the soundtrack! I loved all the music! Even Will had some in there he thought were good. I wouldn't recommend the movie but definately the soundtrack!

FINALLY! garth has a new song "more then a memory" and i really like it. I would not put myself in the category of listening to country music but there is always a few good ones and of course all your old favorites but anything garth sings i love! i think it reminds me of when when i was little (i shared a room with my brothers and sisters and yes we did have garth brooks posters on the wall!) anyway i really like it I hope he continues to make more.



yes i'm afllicted with the nausea, no vomiting yet but all day nausea!!!! if anyone has any tips or advice i'd love to try anything. It set in last week in full swing and has not let up... this is not what i signed up for! I don't want to be a baby about it i just want to be able to cope with everyday activities and be able to work! any suggestions let me know!


2nd anniversary! 09/29/07

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary this last week. Chelsie(my sis) and Nyles were married the 27th two days before our anniversary so we have been wrapped up in that. It was fun to be at the wedding...it took us back to ours and how exciting our wedding was and how magical everything is those first couple of months! But I would never trade it for the last 2 years together! You think you love someone more then you ever could and each day that love increases it's the best thing ever! Life is fun and i'm so glad i have such a sweet husband to share it with! I woke up sat. morning to a beautiful boquet of roses, spent the day together and then will took me to the melting pot for dinner.


well ....well....well...


DOES WILLIE LOOK STUNNED TO ANYONE ELSE????!!!! I think it took him a minute for it to sink in!


Shill's or Simpson's ??????

k these are funny i saw it on janie & tory's and had to try it.....i don't know does it look like us????? i don't know if i'm ready to be a cartoon!


Favorite Restaurants

There are so many but i'll just list where we like to go and what dish we love! In no particular order....

  1. Monti's la casa viega steakhouse - love the steak dinner, yummy bread & fantastic rouqefort dressing.
  2. Got Sushi - Dragon roll, we love any sushi however!
  3. On the Border - willie loves the XX fish tacos
  4. Charlestons - blackend chicken ceaser salad, talapia, the honey glazed croissant and our most favorite ever..... the bread pudding! seriously i am not a fan of bread pudding but thier's is the best!
  5. Texas Road House - i don't even like there food but i do love the cinnamon butter and rolls. I've resorted to just making my own cinnamon butter!
  6. Gecko Grill - Shrimp mango quesdilla's and bean dip!
  7. Cafe Rio - Of course the pork salad, been loving it since back when it was only in utah, love that we have one here!
  8. Jack in the box - tacos ( our guiltly pleasure)!!!!
  9. Original Rosa's - green salsa
  10. Garcia's - pollo fundido
  11. Melting Pot - lobster and steak and the bailey's irish creme chocolate
  12. Filiberto's (main st.) - Don't ask me why but there pepsi is the best there is..so sweet! i don't think they even add carbonation it's just like how it tastes in mexico!
  13. Jesus & anita's in Rocky Point - carne asada taco's & limeade (seeing a pattern??? we love mexican food)
  14. Michoacana in Rocky Point - coconut creme icecream.....oh my this is my absolute favorite!
  15. Sonic - Dr. Pepper Vanilla slush


Chelsie's Pre Wed pics

so i haven't posted for a while!(katie)... But not much has been going on worth posting. Here are some pics of Chelsie (my sis) she had her wedding pics monday. We were going for the "audrey" look and i think we succeeded in creating a bridal version of it! since she has chin length hair and no bangs it was a little bit of a task! She's so beautifull and we can't wait to see the pics in her wedding dress! 2 weeks to the wedding and then i might have some fun stuff to post!


Chelsie's Shower

We had a great time @ Sweet Cakes for chelsie's wedding shower! Since her wedding theme is breakfast @ tiffany's / audry hepburn inspired we had a breakfast shower! The brides maids all got tiffany bracelets for the wedding! soooo cute! i love mine!



yes that is a real saw! we go to the shill's on sunday and oscar tells me to come out front to see him cut wood! he let's the tail gate down, props up his board and goes at it like a crazy person! He's 5! i swear i was going to witness a thumb amputation that day! (don't worry he had parental supervision...most of the time!.... oscar's comb over is not my doing.....and check out the tongue action "willie jr." )
has anyone seen this before??? it's a traveling bedroom from IKEA!!! seriously look in there it's an entire room! that's a lot of work for a little advertisement!
k we all have put our feet up while in the car.... AS A PASSENGER! this girl is driving with her window down (it's 115 degrees outside) and has her left foot out the window... while driving! seriously that can not be safe!


It's here!

i've revised this post, i guess i was confusing some......it is a necklace but with our initials not LOVE, however that is cute as well! (i can't take a picture b/c i'm not allowed to have it yet)

I saw a small little package in the mail today from beverly hills...... unfortunately I think will is going to make me wait for our anniversary next month!


redneck weekend!!

we spent the weekend in payson and willie got in touch with his redneck side! we had a good time and the weather was much nicer then the valley!