chelsie's wedding

this is a little late but here are some pics of my sis's wedding. Congratulations chels & Nyles


The Adamsons said...

yay, i can finally post on your blog again!! for some reason, i couldn't for a while there. so, everyone was bugging me for belly shots and now i'm going to start bugging you. post 'em up there girlie! we just found out last week that we are having a boy. i'll have to post my new ultrasound pics here soon.

mattnbeth said...

what a beautiful bride. i love the length of her dress!

Kim said...

Hey if you talk to Hannah tell her that I need to know by TOMORROW if she is going to join the Bunco group. If I don't get an answer by tomorrow night she will be replaced on Thursday. I emailed her and haven't heard but so I am trying you to get an answer from her. Thanks and sorry to bug you about it.