Finally printed one of the 5 "blog" books I've been working on. I've been dragging my feet on actually printing and paying for them but it's time to get caught up.  It was fun getting a small package in the mail and opening the pages to view all of our memories of that year. I'm glad I kept the blog. I'm glad I spent the time. For me this has been the most efficient way to document our life together. Looking back on our history makes me miss when Vance was small and the trips we took and the fun we had but makes me excited for the books to come! 


Lovely Easters on both sides this year. Lots of our favorite candy, dinner, nieces and nephews and time spent with family. Sunday we walked around the temple the flowers are all in bloom and Amazing. Happy Easter!


(this post is just for me and my Doogie")

 courtesy of my very grainy camera phone

 Im "meeeesing" you right now buddy! DeeDee just came and picked you up for your weekly spend the night and I am waiting for Daddy to come home from school.  You drove me insane today!!! So many times I had to tell you to "STOP",  "go get that", "quit crushing cheerios into the couch!", "stop spilling your sippy cup!"... And now the house is quiet, I'm sooo tired and I'm missing your sweet face. I love hearing you come in to the room and say, "Oh. Hi Mom I meeeeesed you!" even tho you were just in your room.  I'm missing my nude tricyclist, my big-brother-in-training-despite-daddys-wishes, backpack-wearing, twinkle-star-singing, computer nerd. Can't wait to see you! love you Mom.