Do this if you want.... i never do them but unfortunately i've been occupying far to much of my time with the stupid computer to ease the "pregnancy nausea"!

  1. What is his name? William/Willie/Will never never call him Bill/Billy and especially not Billiam(only when i want to make him mad!)
  2. How long have you been together? 2years dating, 2 years mission, 2 years marriage = 6 yrs.How long did you date? FOREVER!
  3. Who eats more? Willie always! he is my garbage disposal...anything i don't want goes on his plate, he says he hates it but always ends up eating it anyway!!!
  4. Who said I love you first? Willie...we both wanted to but i held back and he said, well i'm not to chicken to say it "i love you".
  5. Who is taller? Uh willie, by almost a foot!
  6. Who sings better? we are both horrible but Willie is by far the worst! especially to country music!
  7. Who is smarter? depends he is common sense smart but can't spell to save his life! i'm book and facts smart but couldn't change a tire if i needed to!
  8. Whose temper is worse? ME, ME, ME yes i can be a little fiesty but it's compensated with complete love, devotion and adoration on the other hand. He gets mad few and far between and when he does he'll punch the steering wheel or something and then start laughing bc he knows how rediculous he looks when he is mad. Being angry does NOT suit him! he is always calm i make up for both of us!
  9. Who does laundry? both, i sort he moves the baskets and i fold
  10. Who does dishes? Both
  11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does or whatever side is closest to the door
  12. Who pays the bills? 50/50
  13. Who mows the lawn? well if we had grass he would, everyone in my family including my mom mowed the lawn growing up but my dad never let me, i think he thought i would run over my foot or something! i would if someone would let me but i'd probably never do it a gain!
  14. Who cooks dinner? What is cooking?
  15. Who drives when you are together? Always Willie
  16. Who is more stubborn? ummmm me i pretty much never back down
  17. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? always willie....isn't it always his fault. I don't engage in an argument unless i know i will win!
  18. Who kissed who first? Willie
  19. Who asked who out? Me.... it' was a mix up! i casually invited him (along with everyone else in the class room) to an exboyfriends concert and he assumed i meant with me. good thing right?!
  20. Who proposed? Willie the day he got home from his mission!
    Who is more sensitive? genuinly Willie, but if i am too happy, sad, angry, i will start crying!
  21. Who has more friends? I would say Willie I think thanks to him mom (chris) knows everyone in mesa and their relation! Also everyone remembers willie and and has such adoration for him he is always running in to people everywhere we go it is so annoying i never know when some one is going to pop out of the isle at the walmart and strike up a conversation with him for 45 min.!
  22. Who wears the pants in the family? Anyone you ask will say I DO even willie, but he and i both know the truth!


Joe, Ashley, and Ethan said...

Oh my heck I had no idea that Will was a foot taller than you. That's hilarious!!

Megan and Amanda Clouse said...

k i love it you guys are soo cute! will and mark are soo similar in some areas, like height for example! But what can we say we love tall guys! :)

Murph said...

Hey cami i was wondering if you had time to get together with me and experiment on a hair style for my homecoming dance... and then i was wondering if you could do my hair for homecomming;) it is November 3rd....so just let me know!

the bakers said...

whats wrong with Billy? ha

mattnbeth said...

he proposed the DAY he got home?! thats crazy. i loved reading this. you guys sound perfect for eachother!