some good music.....

We went and saw this movie weeks ago and didn't love it. The imagery was really beautiful and story was really good but there were some really CRAZY parts wich we figured. However if you are a beatles fan you would love the soundtrack! I loved all the music! Even Will had some in there he thought were good. I wouldn't recommend the movie but definately the soundtrack!

FINALLY! garth has a new song "more then a memory" and i really like it. I would not put myself in the category of listening to country music but there is always a few good ones and of course all your old favorites but anything garth sings i love! i think it reminds me of when when i was little (i shared a room with my brothers and sisters and yes we did have garth brooks posters on the wall!) anyway i really like it I hope he continues to make more.

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Bo Brooke Jer & Ky said...

Hey It's Brooke Brown (hubbard) Willie and I are cousins! Me and Brittany are twin sisters. I saw you have her lnk on yours. Be sure to tell Willie hi! I love their family! You guys are so cute! I am setting my blog to private so send me your email. www.bandbbrownfamily.blogspot.com
and congrats on the baby!!!!