Favorite Restaurants

There are so many but i'll just list where we like to go and what dish we love! In no particular order....

  1. Monti's la casa viega steakhouse - love the steak dinner, yummy bread & fantastic rouqefort dressing.
  2. Got Sushi - Dragon roll, we love any sushi however!
  3. On the Border - willie loves the XX fish tacos
  4. Charlestons - blackend chicken ceaser salad, talapia, the honey glazed croissant and our most favorite ever..... the bread pudding! seriously i am not a fan of bread pudding but thier's is the best!
  5. Texas Road House - i don't even like there food but i do love the cinnamon butter and rolls. I've resorted to just making my own cinnamon butter!
  6. Gecko Grill - Shrimp mango quesdilla's and bean dip!
  7. Cafe Rio - Of course the pork salad, been loving it since back when it was only in utah, love that we have one here!
  8. Jack in the box - tacos ( our guiltly pleasure)!!!!
  9. Original Rosa's - green salsa
  10. Garcia's - pollo fundido
  11. Melting Pot - lobster and steak and the bailey's irish creme chocolate
  12. Filiberto's (main st.) - Don't ask me why but there pepsi is the best there is..so sweet! i don't think they even add carbonation it's just like how it tastes in mexico!
  13. Jesus & anita's in Rocky Point - carne asada taco's & limeade (seeing a pattern??? we love mexican food)
  14. Michoacana in Rocky Point - coconut creme icecream.....oh my this is my absolute favorite!
  15. Sonic - Dr. Pepper Vanilla slush


elizabeth cullimore said...

I'm hungry!! Although there are a million restaurants in L.A. there's no Cafe Rio!! I crave it all the time!

mattnbeth said...

i miss mexican food. enjoy it while youre out there!

Kim & Max Willis family said...

im in love with my hair! you did a perfect job! im glad you liked yours...i hate that i don't get to see it finished! so that means that we have to hang out so i can! oh and lets plan somthing the weekend after the "weddings" how funny that i might bump into you!:)maybe we could hit up chandler mall this time... AZ Mills was way too crazy for me! remember that guy that took our pic when we were parking?? jerk!!! oh or maybe nordstoms rack! i have never been there! later--

Allie & Matt said...

Haha! I love this post. You and Will might like food as much as Matt and I do!