I'll try to make a long post short! 
I was literally in tears from feelings of being overwhelmed that our days were so unstructured. 
I have made countless charts and lists that have never worked. 
I spent a solid afternoon scouring pinterest for ideas, nothing fit our family exactly so I mades some alterations to fit Vance and our family's needs. It has been a huge success, he is happy. I am happy. He actually seemed relieved to know what was expected of him each day and excited about the opportunity to earn money for his dollar store trips! 

These are our morning and evening charts. 
If nothing more gets done in a day, these are a must!
(my computer crashed a few months ago and tooks these with it so these can
be printed smaller to avoid looking pixelated, sorry! )

This is Vances (5yr) chore chart as well as a blank one. 
Hoyt (2) follows along but does not have a chart yet.

In a nutshell: 
We don't cultivate the attitude of allowance in our family. 
"getting something for nothing" is not our motto.  

In our home everyone has chores, things they are required to do. 
There is no payment just because you are a member of this family. 

However, he is offered jobs to earn money @ $0.25 a job. 
Like adults he is given the opportunity to earn and manage money. 

That usually includes an age appropriate job such as, 
picking the dandelions/weeds in the yard, wiping down the table, vacuuming, sorting laundry etc. 
I also allow him to do things out of his range or ability and I oversee it. 
He can do up to 5 a day or none if he chooses.

He is allowed 8 uh ohs a day. 
If he exceeds that, his ability to cash in on his bonus jobs is gone.
 ONE time and he has never done it again. 
I felt terrible but lesson was learned. 
An uh oh is anything he is working on at that time, picking his nose, 
misbehaving at school, hitting his brother, throwing a fit, etc. 

If, he did not complete his basic chores  or exceeded his uh oh's
 for the day he can not cash in on his bonus jobs

I love these! perfect for this project! No heat.

Lastly, my mom gave the boys these banks. He loves counting then dividing up his money to each category. With potential to earn nearly $10 a week it can add up really quickly! He gets to go to the dollar store at the end of each week and spend as little or as much as he has in spending money. More importantly... There is some order back in our home and with that a happy mom! 


Mallory said...

Such a great idea!! love it!

ChelseaSpilsbury said...

seriously cami thx so much for posting! I get you. This is the stage of life I am at right now too. Okay so If I want to add a few more items on fins chart where did you find the awesome pictures? ... bc I think thats what makes this chart so great!!! Home run on this.