Well he had a bumpy start to life but at 2 months he isn't wasting any time getting back on track! 12.4 lbs at his last appointment and 23 inches long. He has been packing it on and is finally that snuggly, chubby baby I've been waiting for. He is a really really easy baby.. just don't let him get hungry!!! He has one cry and when he uses it, it is serious! And he had his first hair cut (just a trim).  He's busy SMILING... such a smiley little guy, blowing bubbles, talking to his dad, sucking on his hand, watching his crazy brother and lots of eating and sleeping. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.... love him! 

Of course Vance won't allow himself to be left out... his newest face.... "nice, teefers!" 
3.1 years old