This 3 year old has been obsessing over EVERYTHING lately. 
"Thomas" (with a lisp)! "Where is Thomas!?" He has the entire Thomas & Friends set and takes each train with him everywhere we go. Since there are 6 of them he stacks them up under his chin and ends up looking a little like "Gus, Gus" from Cinderella. 

Grandma & Grandpa Shill went out to eat with us and the quarter toy machines were near the register. He ended up with this tiny tiny turtle.... and so the insanity began. For 2 weeks  I spent all my time looking  under couch cushions and sifting through toys to find this pea sized turtle.

And lastly, "eggs & ham". A phrase that is repeated several times a day. We have to read the book daily and the dvd is on repeat. Although I love this collection of books... a person can only handle so much Dr. Seuss in one day.

I've been tempted and threatened to toss all of these items...but I'm to afraid of the consequences. 

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