well monday i was at work and noticed there was a client on my books that i had done several times over a year ago. She is a little asian women about 45 from the east coast who had moved home for a year and now was living here again. When she arrived i walked to the front greeted her and told her to follow me back to my chair i sat her down and began to drape her. She whirled around in the chair to face me and said, " You Camie!" i said, "yep"... she then cupped her hands over her mouth giggling a bit saying, " oooohhh, you got pwettiur!" (meaning prettier, i think)... at a loss for words i said, "well... i think i was about 9 months pregnant the last time you were here... maybe that's what it is?"
Now, I know I should take this for the compliment I'm sure she meant it as but seriously.... WAS I THAT MUCH OF A FAT TROLL WHEN I WAS PREGNANT?! sad part is this is not exactly the first time this has happend. Needless to say i shared a laugh with our receptionist finished her cut and went about my day, but honestly!!!! So one of two things... either that PREGNANCY GLOW does NOT apply to me or magically i really did get pwettiur! (these are the days i regret working with the public)!


Kim & Max Willis family said...

Camie your a hottie!!! hey what date do you want to do photo shoot? you pick the date!

Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

That's too funny, and your looking great!!!!

Garrett & Melissa said...

Oh my clients, clients, clients! And sometimes you get the CRAZIES! However, you are GORGEOUS! I love that picture of you above the post. Your hair is great and you just love BEAUTIFUL! Hope that you don't have any CRAZY clients for a while!