seriously so blessed

I know that with in the blogging community the expression "seriously so blessed" has become a bit of a cliche, I realize why... In general we ARE a blessed nation, a blessed people, a blessed city and community and I lived a blessed life.

Willie and I decided to have a picnic in the park day....we headed down to dobson to the riverview park and got a bucket of chicken etc. from pollo loco. We selected a park bench and had a seat and enjoyed our lunch. A few minutes later a homeless gentleman came along with his bike and sleeping bag and whole rig and sat a table away from us... granted there were 5 other tables but i didn't mind. We finished our meal and began to toss scraps to the ducks so Vance could see them up close... it occured to me that this man was scoping us out with anticipation that there would be left overs... and here we were throwing them to the ducks and pigeons! I told willie quietly no more and i seperated what was left from our meal from the garbage and placed it in the center of the table. We began walking back to our car and I glanced back to see if he had taken the food as i had hoped he would.... He didn't... my predictions were wrong "oh well i thought, if he were hungry and to proud to ask, i would not embarrass him by offering just leave it if he wanted it." the birds had begun to peck at it but he remained constant... staring straight ahead as if he was completely unaware of it. As we pulled away and we were almost out of sight he leaped over to the 2nd table shooing the birds away and took the food. My heart sank, I would have gladly saved more for him had i known... A simple chicken dinner meant mainly as entertainment, not an attempt to fill our empty bellies. It was easy to purchase and didn't empty our account. For him however it was a next meal, until coming across another picnic etc. I can't assume I know this mans situation or how he came to be in a park on a bike looking for food. What i do know is I don't wonder how to get my next meal or IF there will be a next meal or where i'll lay my head a night. I HAVE been blessed in my life, that is no mistake! It is so easy to see blogs or friends, neighbors and family and wish we had more, wish we had better. But for me I have full tummy, a roof, a bed... people i love and people who love me...joy beyond words and the gospel and I am "seriously soooooo blessed!"

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Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

Nice post Camie and what a tender heart you and Willie have, I know you must of made his day and now he has a full tummy...