We went to our 4D ultrasound today...here are some of our favorite pics of him! This is Willie's favorite pic b/c baby is trying to show off his muscles! hopefully when we go back in@ 31 weeks his cheeks and body will be filled in a little more!
a profile shot
this is the closest shot of his face that we got b/c he had his legs and arms in front the ENTIRE time! Also he had the cord across his face and nose so it looks a little distorted. we were a little bummed but what can you do???

just a shot of his little feet and legs he had them up by his head the whole time!


Feisty49 said...

I was clicking on "Next Blog" and came upon yours. Just have to tell you I love the music you've attached to your site. Good luck with your baby boy! Babies are wonderful.

Chris Shill said...

So cute, how fun, yep he looks like a little boy... can't wait.

Brooklyn & Jeff said...

How cute Cam! I am so excited! Baby Vance is too cute! We'll see him soon!

the bakers said...

wow that is so cool! How fun, I can't wait to see him!

Peterson Fam said...

I can't believe you can totally drop in on him and see him so clearly! Spying on him already! :) I like how the film has your name as Shrill (come on people, it's not that hard to spell!). Oh well!